Online Assistance For YouTube Video Not Playing on Chrome

Why is YouTube Video not Playing on Chrome?

What are the possible fixes? 

Today, the software is getting more complex with each passing day. This means that it is easy for the bugs to interrupt the work of the users. The biggest example of this is the YouTube video that has stopped playing on Chrome. There can be multiple reasons behind it. We have seen many users troubling because of this bug.

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Get The Issue Rectified:

If YouTube video is not playing in chrome, then certain steps can be taken by the users. But before you dive into the troubleshooting steps, you need to find out that your internet connection is working fine. This can be done by going to a different website. Let us have a look at the steps that can be taken:

Close Chrome with the use of task manager:

  • The first step that should be taken by the users is to force close Chrome and restart it. you should close the Chrome using the task manager. This can be done by the steps mentioned below:
  • You have to first open the control panel and type the task manager in the search box located in the upper-right side of the screen. You have to click on View running processes with Task Manager.
  • Then, you have to select Chrome from the list of the tasks and click on End task.
  • You have to restart Chrome and check to see if the YouTube video is playing.

Configuration of Settings in Chrome:

  • The users have to visit the Chrome settings and uncheck the option of “Use hardware acceleration when available”. To change the settings, you have to follow the steps that are listed below:
  • In the first step, you have to open Chrome and click on More situated at the upper-right corner. Then, you have to choose the option of settings.
  • The next step is to click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom.
  • You have to scroll to the System section and uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration when available” and restart Chrome.

Clearing the Chrome Browser Caches:

These are the necessary steps if the issue is still there. The users have to clear the caches, whenever needed. To do this, you have to follow the steps that we are mentioning below:

  • Open the Chrome and then tap on More.
  • Then, you have to point to “More tools” and then tap on the option of “Clear browsing data”.
  • In the next step, you have to ensure that all the cookies, caches images, and files have been ticked.
  • Now wipe out the items from the beginning to delete the data and click on ‘Clear browsing history”.

These were some of the Solutions for YouTube Not Working on Chrome. The users can take these steps to get their issues resolved. however, if the issue persists, they are free to contact the customer support.

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