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Ways to solve various Safari issues on Mac

We enjoy surfing only when it is quick and error-free. But if our browser keeps facing issues then it can be annoying. If your safari is running slow or is frequently crashing and you are wondering Why is Safari not working on my Mac then we are here to help you. There can be various reasons which can cause issues but you can easily eliminate them.  If you want to know how then the ways are given below.

How to Troubleshoot Safari Problems on Mac

How to fix Apple Safari running slow

  1. Close tabs

If multiple tabs or windows running along with Safari then it can make it slow. So if your safari is slow then first close all the extra tabs and clear your memory.

  1. Clear caches

The cache stored by our browsers can also make it slow.  These cache overload and sometimes corrupt the browser creating issue so you need to delete these cache. To clear Safari’s cache:

  • Go to ‘Preferences’
  • Select ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Click the checkbox of ‘Show Develop menu’.
  • Then click ‘Develop’ from menu bar
  • Now select ‘Empty caches’ option.
  1. Disable extensions

Extensions can also make Safari slow. To disable or remove them. O do so:

  • Open Safari
  • Select Preferences
  • Open ‘Extensions’ tab
  • Then remove them

How to fix Safari not responding

  1. Wait

If Safari is not working or responding then you can first wait for a few minutes. Sometimes it can stop responding as it might be loading a heave file. So wait for a while.

  1. Quit Safari

If safari still does not respond then you can quit it and re-launch it. To quit safari press Cmd + Q simultaneously. This will force shutdown and then you can open Safari again.

How to fix Safari Crashing

  1. Disable Plugins

Plugins or add-ons can create problems so it is better to disable them. Visit the preference tab in safari. Select the website option and find the plugins. After it you can select them and disable them.

  1. Disable DNS Prefetching

DNS perfecting feature can sometimes freeze Safari. Therefore you can disable it and check if the issue resolved. To disable:

  •  Open the Terminal
  • There you need to enter this command ‘ – boolean false’
  • Then click enter
  • Now restart Safari.
  1. Update safari

If Safari is still crashing then you can check if safari s updated or not. The old version can also create such a problem. Therefore if safari is not updated then you can update it to the latest version available.

These are a few tricks to solve common issues of Safari on mac. If the problem does not solve then you can also take help from the customer care of Apple.

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