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The use of Google chrome is huge nowadays and the requirement is increasing day by day. This is the reason that the manufacturers are also

trying their best to make the browser perfect in every possible way. However, small issues come up every now and then and that is the reason solutions are also being

made every other day. There are a good number of reasons where the browser may show that google chrome not working. Here they are:

  • The first reason for the malfunction of Google Chrome happens to be virus attack. There are many ways that the virus

    can affect the browser and as a result of that you will be facing issues in opening the browser. This first thing to fix this issue is to install an antivirus and then

    uninstall the browser once and then re install it.

  • The second situation is when Google Chrome has crashed and in spite of repeated attempts is not opening. In such

    cases, most often, it is the antivirus that causes the problem. You will need to check the settings of the antivirus and then fix it properly as per the option where

    the Google chrome opens properly.

  • Another frequent reason for the browser crash is complications in the internet connection. If the connection flow is

    not even, then it is for sure that eventually the browser would crash. It is beyond saying that in such cases you will be able to have the best solutions when you will

    be able to have the proper solution only when you will be able to have the proper internet connection.

Issues such as these are not frequent, but they do occur and that is the main reason why the users have to be aware of these situations

and the solutions for them. Then only they will be able to address the issues in the right note.

Google chrome not installing on mac

Apart from these issues, there is another matter that does occur in case of Google Chrome. That is the issue

of google chrome not installing on mac. There are a number of instances where the users have mentioned about this. However,

when the proper steps are taken, then you can be sure that the result will be perfect.

What you will need to do:

  • You will download the file for installation.
  • Open the ‘googlechrome.dmg’ files.
  • When the Window will open then find Chrome.
  • Drag the Chrome to Applications folder. It is possible that you will be asked the admin password
  • Then Open Chrome.
  • Then Open Finder.
  • Then on the sidebar, there will be Google Chrome, option Eject. You will have to go for it.

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