Online Assistance For Troubleshoot Safari Not Working

There are various search available on google for safari not working , responding or loading issues for various apple devices.

Here you can see the solution for safari not working on your iPhone

1.First of All Disable Search Engine Suggestion this one for safari crashed and won’t open

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Safari” in your list of apps.
  • Find “Search Engine Suggestions” and turn it off.

This option provide offers suggestions for what you can search for as you type into Safari’s search bar. Disabling it gets rid of the problem for many users.

2. Second one is Update your software in latest versions available

  • Go to “Settings -> General.”
  • Choose “Software Update” and install the latest update.

3. Clear your all iPhone data if safari is working slow

  • Go to “Settings -> Safari.”
  • Choose “Clear History and Data.” Safari will remember your AutoFill information if you choose this option.



To keep your browsing history but clear your cache and cookies:

  • Go to “Settings -> Safari -> Advanced.”
  • Choose “Website Data -> Remove All Website Data” and tap “Remove Now.” Note that Safari will

    not remember your AutoFill information if you choose this option.

To remove only a portion of your browsing history, cache, and cookies:

  • Open Safari and tap the Bookmark icon.
  • Open your History and tap “Clear.”

Safari will give you the option to clear your history, cookies, and browsing data from the past hour, the past day, the past 48

hours, or from your entire history.

4. Change Your network settings if safari not loading

  • Go to “Settings -> WiFi” and turn it off, then turn it back on after a few seconds.
  • If you’re using mobile data, go to “Settings -> Cellular,” and turn “Cellular Data” off and back on

    after a few seconds.

  • If neither option works, go to “Settings -> WiFi,” connect to a different WiFi network, and try loading the web

    page again.

If the problem persists, try restoring your network settings to their original configuration.

Go to “Settings -> General -> Reset” and choose “Reset Network Settings.”



If you are facing still the safari not working , not loading or responding error now you have last option to restart your safari and reboot your iPhone. we hope you

will get the solution.

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