Is your Gmail Account hacked? Get an easy way to recover hacked Gmail Account and also get a brief procedure to restore deleted Gmail Account

If your Gmail Account is hacked, then most possible the hackers may have changed the password and recovery options. So, if you are strong enough to prove your identity to Google, then only you can get back to your account. Well, the recovery process is simple and for your comfort, the process is listed below.

How to recover hacked Gmail/Google Account?

  • Go to the Gmail account recovery page by clicking on the link
  • Enter your email address and click on Next button.
  • Now Gmail will offer you to enter the last password you remembered, as your account is hacked so this question won’t work. So click on the link ‘verify your identity’.
  • Gmail will offer you multiple series of questions; provide the answers to the same in the correct manner to recover your account.
  • Gmail will verify the answers and if it found correct, then you will get an access to create a new password.
  • This time make sure to provide the strong password.

However, if you have accidentally deleted the Gmail Account, then you can recover deleted Gmail account. But make sure you have to perform this action immediately as the time limit is fixed.

How to recover deleted Gmail/Google Account?

  • Go to the Gmail Password support page and then there you will get few options, select ‘I’m having other problems signing-in’.
  • Enter your Gmail address and click Continue.
  • Now enter your Password and click Continue.
  • Thereafter you will have to go through the verification process to prove the ownership of the account. But if you don’t receive any verification options then your account is permanently deleted.
  • You can select Phone Number option, Email option or Security questions and answers.
  • After completing the above step, Gmail will match the data provided by you and if it is correct then you will receive a message displaying ‘Success-you are signed in now’.

Finally, you are back in your old deleted account. Gmail account is a part of Google Account. In short with one account you can access the entire features of the Google. So, if you are wondering about the solution ‘How to recover deleted Google Account’ then follow the above-mentioned process. You can use your Gmail ID to recover the Google Account. The recovery process is simple and you just have to pass the verification test and if you don’t remember the password then you can enter the old password also. Take this information into the consideration and apply the process in a proper manner to get access to the Google Account.

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