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How To Fix Roku Error Code 009?

If you are a Roku user and you are facing trouble while using the Roku device at any instance you can try to fix it with the simplest way possible. You can get most of the problems fixed by just restarting the Roku device.

Whenever you see the Roku error code 009 on your device it means there is an internet connection problem with the device or the connection itself.

If the problem is not fixed by restarting the Roku device, you can just unplug the Roku device from the wall, TV and internet. Wait for a few minutes, connect with the power, TV and reliable internet and try to use the Roku, it might work now.

When you reconnect the devices make sure the connection are proper and power is turned on also check the lights on the Roku device to be double sure.

Roku Software Error Code 009

If you want to know how to fix Roku software error code 009 you can go through the various methods which can help you in fixing this issue for you. The methods to fix the Roku error are given as follows:

Make sure your internet connection is working properly and it’s able to make you online. If the problem is with the internet connection you will see the 009 error. In this situation, you may have to contact your internet service provider.

If the DNS arrangements are modified you need to check the advanced router settings some of the advanced router settings will not allow the Roku to go online and you have to refresh the firmware of the switch.

You need to open the advanced settings and then choose ACL/MAC address filtering. By choosing the ACL/MAC in the advanced settings the Roku will be able to go online and it may fix the error 009 with your device.

Adjust the mode of security and then change the DNS server will also help in getting your Roku device online and work perfectly fine.

If you are still not able to fix this problem and you are sure about the internet connection is working good in this situation you should get in touch with the Roku customer service team by dialling their phone number through your phone. Once you get in touch with them you need to elaborate them about the problem you are facing (009 error) and they will start helping you right away.

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