Online Assistance For Review of the 34-inch Xiaomi Mi 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor with a curved screen.

Review of the 34-inch Xiaomi Mi 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor with a curved screen.

The design of the monitor is strict, there is neither the sophisticated design of the stand, nor the colorful backlighting to which the leading manufacturers of gaming monitors have taught us. The monitor panels and stand covers are made of plastic with a matte black finish. The plane of the screen is curved along a cylinder so that the right and left edges are slightly pushed forward.

The declared bend radius is 1.5 m (in fact, rather 1.3 m). The uniformity of the curvature of the screen in this model is good, although in a vertical strip about 10 cm wide at the right and left edges the screen is almost flat, but this is typical for all curved LCD screens. The outer surface of the matrix is ​​black, semi-gloss (pronounced specularity), hard. The screen looks like a monolithic surface, bounded at the bottom by a relatively narrow bar, and around the perimeter

In the lower right part of the rear panel, close to the right end, there are five mechanical control buttons vertically in a row. The bulge in the center, increased size and increased distance from the rest help to distinguish the power button by touch.

There is a white light diffuser for the status indicator on the front strip close to the right edge.

The surface of the rear panel is slightly velvety to the touch. The power connector and interface connectors are located in the rear recess and are oriented downward.

The niche with connectors can be covered with a decorative cover that is attached to magnets and hooks, and outgoing cables can be passed through a rubber-edged hole in the stand post and through a cutout on the casing on the stand, which is also attached to magnets and hooks. As a result, the back of the monitor looks very neat.

There are ventilation grilles in the recess around the mounting platform, in the niche with connectors and on the bottom end. The base of the stand is made of aluminum alloy and has a matte black finish. From above it is covered with a plastic casing. The beams of the base of the stand diverge widely to the sides, which provides the monitor with good stability, while the working area of ​​the table under the monitor is not significantly reduced.

Rubber pads on the bottom of the base of the stand protect the table surface from scratches and prevent the monitor from sliding on smooth surfaces.

The supporting elements of the stand and the mounting unit are made of steel and aluminum alloy and are also covered with plastic covers. The construction of the stand is quite rigid. The post is of a fixed height, but a spring-supported steel rail ball bearing mechanism allows vertical movement of the mount (120 mm) to which the screen assembly is attached.

As a result, with a slight movement of your hand, the screen can be set to the desired height.

The mounting unit is equipped with two hinges that allow the screen unit to be slightly tilted forward (by 3.9

Quick-detachable fastening platform with a spring clip. If necessary, you can detach the stand (or not attach it) and attach the screen unit to a VESA-compatible bracket (100 x 100 mm pad), for which the delivery set includes the necessary extension stands and screws.

Also, a power cable with a Chinese plug is attached to the monitor (you can immediately throw it out and use any

The monitor is sold in a not very large, modestly decorated box with slotted handles on the sides.


The monitor has four full-size digital inputs: a DisplayPort pair and an HDMI pair. The input is selected in the setup menu, and the monitor itself switches to the input that has a signal.

Digital audio signals transmitted to the DisplayPort and HDMI inputs (the sound source can be forcedly selected in the settings menu, the volume is also adjusted there), after conversion to analog form, are output through the 3.5 mm minijack jack. An external powered speaker or headphones can be connected to this jack. Testing has shown that the output power was sufficient to provide a large headroom in 32-ohm headphones with a sensitivity of 92 dB.

The sound quality in the headphones is average: no noise is heard during the pauses, the stereo effect is present, but there is no low frequencies at all, and the middle ones sound rather harsh.

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