Online Assistance For How To Reset Forgot Kindle Password

You can now reset your Kindle password yourself if your forgot or lost account login

Well, are we sensing a trend here? You can now reset your Kindle password yourself

Check here for more information to reset kindle password :

We used to have to contact Kindle Support to have them reset your password:

Kindle ereaders have the option to set a passcode/password in settings under device options that password protects Kindles so that users have to enter a passcode/password to turn the Kindle on.

The passcode/password is a separate thing from the parental controls password that you can setup to restrict certain aspects of your Kindle, including access to the Kindle store, the cloud, Goodreads, and the experimental web browser.

The passcode option is available on the Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 & 3, and the current entry-level Kindle Touch.

Setting up the passcode/password is easy. Just go to Settings > Device Options > Device Passcode/password and enter a number code with 1-12 digits.

If you don’t use your Kindle for awhile it can be pretty easy to forget the passcode/password

If you forget the code there’s an easy fix but it will reset your Kindle to factory settings so all the content will be erased, including the passcode/password and your Amazon account info.

Your Kindle books remain in the cloud, so you’ll have to sign back in to your Amazon account, setup wireless, and redownload everything again after resetting.

How to Reset Kindle Password/password

If you forget your Kindle’s passcode, type 111222777 into the passcode entry field to reset your Kindle to factory settings.

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