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A Complete Guide To Fix QuickBooks Online Issues On Google Chrome

Although QuickBooks Online is quite compatible with the Google Chrome, user often faces login issues with their accounts. However, there are plenty of reasons that may cause this issue in their accounts but the most important one is due to the security. Now, Google Chrome, on the other hand, lets you fix various types of issues independently related to various sites and other web browsing stuff, and that too without any hassle.

Therefore, if you are also someone who has been facing QB login issues in your Google Chrome, then read this post further. Here you’ll be guided with the various reasons that may cause your QuickBooks online not working with chrome, and their fixes.

Reasons Why Your QuickBooks Is Unable To Work In Google Chrome

The following are the most common reasons that might have lead your QuickBooks online not working with chrome.

  • User has forgot to logout from his QuickBooks Online session or has done it inappropriately.
  • Users has logged into his QuickBooks Online account via using the same login credentials from an unknown system.
  • Your system’s Antivirus or firewall has blocked the access to your QuickBooks Online account.

Most Common QuickBooks Online Issues Face On Google Chrome

The following are the most common Instances of QuickBooks Online Chrome Errors faced by users.

  • QuickBooks Online is able to work or load properly on Google Chrome.
  • Appearance of blank or black screen post logging into QuickBooks account online.
  • QuickBooks is getting unresponsive after logging in such as when the login page is unable to load.
  • Your Google Chrome is failing unexpectedly while opening or is unable to open at all.

Fixing The QuickBooks Online Login Issues On Google Chrome

The following methods on how to fix login problem of QuickBooks online on Chrome will help you get rid of such issues without any hassle.

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Try Adding A New User To The Google Chrome

You should try adding another or a new user to Google Chrome and then login into your QuickBooks account online. Here’s how you can do this.

  • Launch the Google Chrome and the head to its settings section on the top right.
  • Now, scroll down to the Users option and then select the Add New User option.
  • Here, hit the icon, then fill in your name and then select the create desktop shortcut option.
  • Finally, select the Create option and try to logging into your QuickBooks account.

Clean Up The History & Cache Of Google Chrome

Now, if the aforementioned fixed didn’t help you to get rid of the QuickBooks online not working with chrome issuethen it is time to delete the web browser’s cache & history files. This will not only help you to fix the issue but also let you access your other website smoothly. Besides, this will also add a pinch of better performance into your web browser. Here’s how.

  • In your Google Chrome, move to the customize and control icon and then hit the Settings option.
  • Now, select Advanced at the bottom and then look for the Privacy and Security option.
  • In the privacy and security tab, select the Clear browsing data option and then you should see the Clear browsing data window.
  • Here, hit the Advanced tab and then select the boxes for cookies and other site data, caches images, and files, and then confirm the removal.

Use The Incognito Tab For Accessing Online QuickBooks

Since, incognito window does not save the cache and history files of your web browsing sessions, you should not be face the various Instances of QuickBooks Online Chrome Errors, in it. Here’s how to enable the incognito window in your Google Chrome to avoid QB issues.

  • Launch your Google Chrome and then move to the navigate to the customize and control icon on the top right.
  • Here, you can select the New incognito window option to enable it or press the Ctrl+Shift+N keys all together to open the window.

Contact Tech Support At QuickBooks To Get Better Assistance

Hence, you should be able to fix the QB online issues without any hassle. However, if you don’t find the aforementioned methods or information unhelpful, then contact the experts at QuickBooks to get better assistance. The experts will guide you with the best information on how to fix login problem of QuickBooks online on Chrome and ensure that you don’t face trouble anymore.

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