Online Assistance For Quickbooks H202 Error When Contacting the Server

How to fix Error H202 in Quickbooks, while contacting the server?

When a user is trying to switch QuickBooks to multi-user mode, an error code H202 is encountered. As we know, in a multi-user mode, QuickBooks company files are accessed from a server computer. When the other computers are unable to access those files, the error code comes up.

Some most common causes of Quickbooks Error H202:

  1. Incorrect hosting configuration or settings

Due to the incorrect settings or hosting configuration, you may also get this error and you should need to check whether your Quickbooks have proper settings or not that you can check by opening the settings of it.

  1. Corrupted or damaged .ND file

There are plenty of errors occurs due to corrupted network data file which is highly required to establish a connection between your Quickbooks and company data file. You may also get this error H202 due to the damaged or corrupted data network file.

  1. Improper network connectivity

It is always important having the proper network connectivity to establish a connection with your company file for Quickbooks. Sometimes bad network connectivity may also cause the error H202 on the Quickbooks app.

  1. Unsupported internal Quickbooks services

There are plenty of internal Quickbooks services that don’t work on the server computer and another reason behind the error H202 will be unsupported types of server or files.

  1. Outdated Quickbooks version

Sometimes using an outdated Quickbooks version may also cause plenty of technical issues and you may also get error H202 whenever using an older app version.

You will be able to know about what causes Quickbooks Error H202 after following the above-given instructions. In case you are still not able to about the possible causes or have any kind of query, contact the support team of Quickbooks for the best assistance.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error H202?

If you are facing the error code while using Quickbooks and you don’t have any idea about how to fix QuickBooks Error H202, you can try the following fixes:

Solution 1: Test network connectivity- You can ping the server from the computer with error code to check network connectivity.

  • Open the Run window on your computer.
  • In the Run window, type cmd and click Enter.
  • Then, enter ping with the server name and press enter.
  • It will ping the server and show you the result.

Solution 2: Configure the Firewall settings for Quickbooks- You need to ensure that the server computer is not blocking Quickbooks. After setting the permissions for the firewall, you can try opening the Quickbooks on your computer for using multi-user mode.

Solution 3: Ensure the Quickbooks services are running- You can check whether QuickbooksDBXX services are running are not, with the following steps:

  • Open the search bar and type Run.
  • In Run, type services.msc and enter it.
  • In the Services window, find and double-click QuickBooksDBXX in the list.
  • The property window is displayed. Here, you can select Startup Type as Automatic.
  • You can check that the status of services must be either Running or started. Or, you can click Start.
  • Choose the recovery tab and then go for the option of Restart the service.
  • Finally, click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Solution 4: Create a new folder for QBW File- It is done as follows:

  • Create a new folder on the server computer.
  • Share the folder and set access permissions.
  • Copy the database file to the new folder.
  • Try opening the file in the multi-user mode.

Solution 5: Set the hosting to local files- The steps are:

  • Launch Quickbooks and press F2 to get the product information screen.
  • You need to select Hosting to local files only under the Local Server Information.

If you are still facing any issue, just get in touch with the support team of QuickBooks.

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