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How can you fix PS4 controller not Working?

PS4 or play station is a venture of Sony entertainment limited that is used for playing video games. The concept of video games started from the decade of twenties on TV. And as the time rolled and so did the technology, and came the concept of advanced video games now known as the Play station. Known as the eighth generation play station and succeeded by the PS3, it was launched in 2013. Gone are the days when video games were only played by the kids. With the updated technology, people have started using Play station to play video games. Moreover play station is becoming quite popular among kids. For all the millennial planning to chill on weekends usually prefer playing video games on play station.

Facing issues in play station

Once In A While Sony Company launches the new version of play station with more advanced technology and interesting features. And because of its increasing popularity, people have started using it even more. And since it’s a technical gadget hence its efficiency depreciates if used more than the capability. A lot of times in between playing PS4 on the TV or laptop screen, it freezes and game stops in between. There can be any possible reason behind PS4 controller not working. And once you know the possible reason, you can fix it with the troubleshooting steps.

Possible Reasons Behind PS4 not Working

The most possible reasons behind why PS4 controller Track pad not working are very common and can be fixed easily with the steps, And when you have the problem, you will also have the possible solution. Hence before you jump to the solution, you can figure out the possible reason behind PS4 not working from below given list.

  1. Dust particles settling on the device

If you have connected your Ps4 to the LED screen, then the setup box kept might be exposed to all the dust. And if you don’t cover or clean it then the dust settles on the top of the box. And also penetrates inside. And if the dirt accumulates on the device then it might affect the working of Ps4.

  1. Power issue

To be able to use the PS4, you need to plug in the cables with electricity. And if the power goes off, you won’t be able to use the device. And if you are connecting your video game with internet then you also need strong internet. In the absence of both the things, your PS4 will possibly not work.

  1. Loose socket connection 

As you would need to connect the device with electrical power hence you need to connect the cables. And usually ps4 stops working if in case the socket is not connected strongly or the plugs and cables are lose

  1. Any physical damage to the PS4

Another reason why ps4 might stop working is your setup box has any physical damage. With time the efficiency of the device starts decreasing and can result into physical damage too.

Thus these could be the possible reasons of Ps4 not working. And if you are thinking what to do when your Ps4 controller won’t connect then tap below for the solutions.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the PS4 not working

If you are not able to connect the PS4

  1. If your device is not able to connect the screen then follow below given steps.
  2. Try connecting the Dual shock 4 in the ps4 using USB cable wire
  3. Press and hold the play station on the controller center and allow to sync
  4. And if still it does not start then turn off the ps4 and try again
  5. If still the problem persists then look for a rear hole on your controller and insert any pin or cable in it and now repeat the same steps again.

When PS4 does not charge

  1. If you think that your ps4 is not charging because of which internet does not work then you can follow below given steps.
  2. If you are not able to charge your pS4 then try fixing the USB with any other device to see if its’ working or not.
  3. Now put the USB In the dashboard and touch it slightly with your hands. But if it is still lose then you might need to fix it.
  4. Usually the cables are dirty because of which it does not charge. Hence try cleaning it from time to time.

If PS4 Track Pad does not work

  1. First of all turn off and then turn on the controller.
  2. Now take any cleaning liquid and mix with water. Taking a microfiber cloth and clean the device
  3. Use the same cloth to clean the track pad because when dust particles settle they usually affect the working of ps4

In case the buttons of PS4 stick

The buttons on the ps4 are the dirtiest and requires cleaning. And hence you can take the same microfiber cloth and alcohol cleaner and wipe it off the dirt. We usually touch the device and buttons with dirty hands and then it becomes sticky hence its really necessary to clean it.

How to fix PS4 not being able to hold the charge

The technical gadgets such as laptops and phones degrade with time and so does their battery. Hence to use these gadgets life long, we actually need to keep changing their batteries from time to time. And if not then the charging of gadgets like don’t remain for more time. Thus change the battery if you are not able to keep the device charged.

And with the help of all above given steps you can fix the issue of Fix PS4 controller wont charge or any other issue. If you come across any doubt or issue then better contact the customer care team of ps4. They will try fixing your issue if not being solved with the help of troubleshooting steps.

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