Fix: How To Fix Pogo Game Won’t Load or not loading

After all your hard work for the day, you want to relax by playing a game on POGO and when you try to open the pogo game website, the Pogo game won’t load. It could be frustrating to see that, your favorite game won’t load anymore. What do you do?

You sit on your computer trying to troubleshoot the problem, but you are still unable to load the
game. There the could be many reasons as to why your pogo game won’t load anymore. Here in this article, I will talk about various issues that may affect your game and also I would outline the possible solutions to fix the problem.

Fix Solution If Pogo Games Not Loading

Check your java application-

JAVA is an application that is required by most of the games in order to run.Absence of java from your computer also triggers issues related to games. You need to check if your computer has latest version of java installed. Absence of JAVA is one of the problems that would not allow the games to run properly.

Browser Caches, cookies and junk-

Due to lots of web surfing most of our browsers are full with cookies,caches and junk, if the browsers are cluttered with lots junk, it would create problems in loading some of the games. To fix the issue, you need to go to your browser settings and clear the browser caches and cookies.After you clear the browser, you need to restart it.


Adware is a malicious programs that infects your computer and directs you to unwanted websites and
displays unwanted ads. Adware hijacks your browser and could change your browser settings. Presence of
adware in the computer may create the problem in loading games. In order to remove adware you need to
install adware removal tool that can detect adware present in your computer and clean it.

Browser Reset

Browser reset is a process which resets your browser settings to default and clean your browser from any kind of junk. Once you reset the browser, it would be completely clean of any kind of browser hijacking tools or reset any kind of changes that has been done on the browser. To reset the browser, you need to go to your browser settings and click on advanced settings, under the advanced settings you will see an option, reset browser, once you click it, it will reset the browser.

The above mentioned solution should fix any kind of problem that you might be facing with POGO games
including game freeze, loading problem and error messages.

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