Online Assistance For Oriental-style room: all the features of oriental design (photo video review and design)

Oriental-style room: all the features of oriental design (photo video review and design)

The mysterious East has attracted Europeans at all times. They were ready to pay huge sums of money for decor items, furniture and various curiosities, which were brought with great difficulty “from overseas”. And to this day, interest in such an interior design has not faded away.

Moreover, the designers offer successful mixes of modern trend solutions with the traditions of India, Japan and Arab countries. The Internet magazine “House Design” offers to find out how a fashionable room in oriental style should look like.

Oriental style room: Video.

Japanese design

Today, those who apply to design studios are most often interested in how a Japanese room in an oriental style should look like.

No wonder. It was the Japanese traditions of interior design that at one time became a source of inspiration for the creators of the Minimalism style.

An oriental Japanese room must meet the following requirements:

Have a design in a restrained color scheme, the obligatory components of which should be black. The only exception to this is red. Be decorated only, or at least predominantly with natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, paper, including paper wallpaper, etc.

Decorate with authentic objects of decorative and applied art, preferably antique. Be furnished with a minimum amount of furniture on low or suckleless.

In addition, an oriental-style Japanese room can be zoned with screens.

Such structures made of wood covered with black lacquer and rice paper can be easily rearranged by changing the layout of the room. Wooden screens with paintings in the style of authentic miniatures or with hieroglyphs also look appropriate.

A professional designer can use Japanese interior design traditions to transform even the smallest studio. After all, the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun have always sought to minimize their costs and built compact dwellings.

Arabic or Indian room in oriental style.

Although Japanese and Arabic or Indian designs are united under the general name of the Oriental interior style, they differ from each other, like heaven and earth. Moreover, the Arabian or Indian design may well be attributed to the varieties of Maximalism.

This interior trend has arisen in opposition to Minimalism.

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