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Ways To Fix GPS Tracker on iPhone

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the satellite-based radio navigation system. It uses radio waves between satellites and the receiver inside phones to provide location and time. Many apps like maps work only when GPS is enabled. However various issues can occur in GPS. Recently many people are facing issues in the GPS in their iPhone like

  1. GPS not receiving signal
  2. Location not updating on GPS
  3. Incorrect Location displayed by GPS
  4. Compass pointing towards wrong direction
  5. Apps not able to find location

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These are a few recurrent issues that users face. Sometimes these issues are temporary and solve automatically. However if they do not resolve then users can face problems. If you want to know How to Fix GPS Tracking Not Working issue then the ways are given below.

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How to Fix GPS Not Working on iPhone

Signal problem

One of the common reasons for GPS to not work is a bad signal. There are many places where radio signals can’t penetrate like metal buildings and the apps are unable to receive signals and detect our correct location. Therefore you can move out and try to go to a place where signals are strong.

Location Services

Users also need to make sure that their location service in the iPhone is turned on as GPS does not work without it. To turn it on or to check if it is enabled you can follow these steps.

  • Open phone’s Settings.
  • Go to Privacy
  • Open the Location Service option.
  • Now turn the toggle on.
  • You can also select location access for specific apps.
  • On doing this you will get three options:
  1. ‘Never’ – it will not allow the app to get a location.
  2. ‘While using the app’ – it will allow the app to get location only when it is being used.
  3. ‘Always’ – it will allow the app to always get the location.
  • Carefully choose the setting for each app.

Reset Location and Network

There can also be a problem with your iPhone location or network information. To correct it users can reset location or network data. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting
  • Select General
  • Click on Reset option
  • Select ‘Reset Networking Settings or Reset Location & Privacy.
  • The settings will be set to default.

Restart iPhone

GPS can also not work because of software issues. To fix it users can switch off your iPhone by long-pressing the power button and home button simultaneously. You can then restart it after a few seconds.

Reset iPhone

You can also backup your phone and then reset it. This will put every setting to default and fix any issue that might be occurring in GPS.

Downgrade iOS

Your GPS might not be working because of the iOS update. Therefore you can downgrade to the previous version of iOS.

If the issue of GPS tracker not working on iPhone still does not resolve then users can contact the customer support of Apple and take help from their executives.

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