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Cox IMAP / SMTP server not working: SMTP which represents Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocal which enables users to send email messages through the different email customers, The Cox email is promptly perfect to send messages through the email customers, for example, outlook, windows mail and so on utilizing the SMTP server. In spite of the fact that utilizing the SMTP protocol and server in Cox email isn’t that confounded still numerous users need to confront various issues once in a while. On the off chance that you need to utilize your Cox email through outsider email customers yet Cox SMTP server not working for you then this article can help you a great deal. Here, we will rundown down the different purposes for the Cox SMTP server not working issues and correct settings to fix this issue.

For what reason is Cox SMTP Server not working for you?

The most predominant reason behind why Cox SMTP server probably won’t work for you is inaccurate SMTP settings. The sorts of failing that can be brought about by inappropriate SMTP settings are as per the following:

The email Authentication failed:

The SMTP Settings are mistaken:

Issue with the port:

Antivirus and Firewall

You can fix the SMTP server not working/responding issue easily by entering the right SMTP Server settings.

How to Fix Cox IMAP Server not Working issues?

Whatever is the explanation in the event that the Cox IMAP / SMTP server not working, at that point you won’t be able to send messages through the Cox email on other email customers, for example, MS Outlook.

Here is the right Cox IMAP / SMTP server setting that clients ought to enter so as to utilize Cox through the SMTP Protocol.

Your Name: Enter your full name:

Email Address: Enter your Cox email address

User Name: Your Username is the first part of your Cox email address. For example if your Cox email address is Then your username is abc.

Password: Provide your Cox Email Password

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail settings: The incoming mail settings should be as follows:

Server Name:

Port Number: 993 with SSL enabled. The authentication box should also be enabled.

Outgoing Mail settings: The outgoing mail settings should be as follows:

Server Name:

Port: 587 with TLS enabled or 465 with SSL enabled. The authentication box should be checked.

Use SSL/ TLS: Yes

The Cox IMAP / SMTP server should work easily in the event that you are utilizing the previously mentioned settings. Be that as it may, if Cox IMAP / SMTP server not working appropriately even in the wake of utilizing the right settings then you should contact Cox email support.

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