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How to do Apple password recovery?

No matter how fancy does it feel like to own an I phone or maybe a MAC laptop. But all the glitters are not gold. As a user of Apple devices there are certain security features that you might need to take care of while using the device. And the very first one is apple id password. Apple password is used as a security key for accessing every in built feature of the phone or while opening or locking the device. And even though people use apple password hundred times a day but still a lot of apple users end up forgetting their passwords. And forgetting your apple password is okay because it’s a human tendency to forget the things we often use on a daily basis.

Forgetting the apple id password

Now after you tried several times to log in your device with assuming the forgotten password then you can try the methods for finding how to reset a forgotten apple ID password. To use the methods of accessing the password of apple id, you can follow the below given steps. There are basically three methods provided by apple keeping the accessibility of the users in mind. Tap below for the details.

Methods of recovering apple id password

Answering security questions

  1. If you want to recover your password with the help of security questions then first of all go to the official sign in page and tap on forgot apple id and password.
  2. Now as you will be redirected to the official account recovery page, enter your date of birth first.
  3. Depending upon the questions you must have entered while making the account, you will be asked to answer them. And once you have answered all the questions correctly, now you can proceed ahead.
  4. Enter a new password for your account now and re-enter it to confirm and you will be done! Make sure to enter a strong password so that you don’t forget it next time.

Using an alternative email address

  1. Go to the official sign in page of apple id and tap on forgot email id and password
  2. Now as you will again be redirected to the recovery page, you can choose the option of alternative email. Make sure that you choose this option only if your email is working.
  3. Now you will be asked to enter a security code given to prove that you are not a Robert.
  4. Having verified with the code, you will receive a link on your email being provided.
  5. After this, click on the link and you will be taken to the password reset page
  6. After you have followed all the steps, now enter a password for the account and re-enter the password and you will be done!

Using two step verification method

  1. Two step verification methods are one of the older methods but stronger and more efficient one. Follow the steps below.
  2. For accessing the account with the help of verification method, you will be sent a 14 words key to reset the device.
  3. While setting the account, you might have got the key and asked to keep safe so that you can use ot while recovering account.
  4. Now since you have forgotten your password hence if you use two step verification methods then you will be asked to enter the key.
  5. Having entered the key correctly, you can set a new password for your account.
  6. Re-enter the password to confirm and you will be done. Or if you want to change your keys then go to the settings and tap on replace the verification key. And you are done!

Using two factor authentication method

  1. Just like two step verification method, two factor authentication methods is also one of the stronger account recovery methods. To use this method, tap below.
  2. To start with, enter the keys in the box to show you are not a robot
  3. Now enter your mobile number registered with the account. After this you will be allowed to reset your password using another device
  4. If you choose to reset your device with the help of another device then it might take days for that. And for this you might need to enter the verification code again. Lot of people doesn’t opt for this method since its time taking.

And hence with the help of above given methods, one can easily recover their issue of id password reset. If you have  doubt, then you can always contact the customer care team for the more help. They function 24×7 and are available on both call and mail. You can reach out to them for your issue and they will be in touch with you till your issues don’t get resolved.

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