Http Error 500 Internal Server Error

The 5xx errors are actually the status codes that are returned by the server while dealing with the unexpected conditions for the early processing of your client request. Are you the administrator of the concerned website or webmaster? If yes, you are open to troubleshoot the error from the server side. However, this issue can be caused by external resource timeout, a misconfiguration in .htaccess file, triggered by the wrong file, or triggered by the directory permissions. Here are some ways by which you can settle your issue.

Is there any wrong configuration in the .htaccess file?

An error in the htaccess file configuration could be the reason behind your problem. Check whether there is an error in the url. If yes, you are instructed to rectify the error as soon as possible.

Is there any external resource timeout?

The web server needs responses from a remote server for processing the client’s request, but there are situations when the external resources go timeout, especially the PHP timeout. As per our experts, you can fix such errors by enhancing the timeout values or setting other appropriate timeout options. It will prepare the remote server for not returning a timeout error but wait for the request to be processed.

Is there a wrong file or directory permission?

A corrupt file or directory permission could be the reason behind your problem. Do you know that the files or directories needed to process your client request? However, a wrong configuration will not allow you to access the server. If you have made an incorrect configuration, we suggest rectifying it as soon as possible.

Is it a 504 error?

You are most likely to receive a 504 Gateway Timeout when your server did not receive a timely response from another server. It appears when the other server is down or not working correctly. In some situations, the web server returns an http error 500 internal server error instead of the 504 Gateway Timeout. However, the chance of getting 500 Internal Server Error is low.

Clear cache and cookies; restart the browser

Restarting the browser after removing the cache and cookies is considered as one of the finest solutions in this regard. We have given the steps here. This troubleshooting method is easy and it doesn’t require deep technical knowledge. Follow the steps given here and resolve the issue right away!

  • Press [Ctrl + Shift + Delete] together
  • A window will open which will enable you to clear the browsing data
  • Here you need to check the boxes
  • Then click on the button Clear browsing data

Get technical assistance from the server engineers

Did you settle the issue? Contact the server engineers if it has not been settled even after trying all the workarounds mentioned above. Open Google and find some genuine service providers of server issues. Contact them via phone support or chat support and ask for assistance against your query; i.e., how to troubleshoot 500 internal server errors. The server service providing companies are dealing with a long range of issues and helping browsing lovers without changing much. They are also known for their commitment to delivering the most satisfactory services.

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