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Paypal Account Frozen

A Brief Guide On How To Get Back Your Frozen PayPal Account

Thousands of online forums are crowded with queries and complaints regarding frozen PayPal accounts. And this is pretty obvious as we all know the valuable importance of PayPal among us especially the ones who businesses are almost dependent on this online money transaction application. However, there are millions of users who get their accounts frozen or put on hold due to various reasons that might not meet with the PayPal guidelines.  But the main issue here is that many of them do not either try to get their accounts to unfreeze or they just stop using them anymore.

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Well, this doesn’t happen because users do not want care about their stuck money at all, it’s just they simply do not know how to unfreeze PayPal account. Furthermore, there are various reasons that might cause such a problem with PayPal users. So, if you are also a PayPal frozen account holder and you’re also not able to get it back then here’s what you need to know.

Reasons Why PayPal Freezes Your Account

The very first thing that you must know is that as per the “funds hold policy” of PayPal, it can put your funds on hold up to 180 days from the time of transaction. However, if you have received your funds through some illegal channels then getting your funds will be frozen till eternity. On the contrary, you can request PayPal to let go of your funds after the hold period. So, why PayPal puts capping on its accounts?

Since PayPal works on automated algorithms and human management systems in order to control frauds, it can hold your account depending on the occurrence of any illegal transactional activity through your account. However, this only happens to protect your account further. In addition, the holding account process is similar to the process implemented by another major debit /credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) or banking services.

Next, here’s the list of some of the other reasons due to which your account might get frozen by PayPal.

  • Increased numbers of transactions or more transactions
  • Single transaction which involves large amount or larger transactions
  • Increased number of disputes carried out by customers
  • Larger number of refunds with or without disputes
  • The percentage limit for transactions has  been crossed
  • If you are PayPal account has been reported against fraud

Speculative Reasons

  • If your PayPal account has been logged in from multiple IP addresses
  • If you have crossed your fund withdrawal limit

So How To Get Your Account Unfrozen: PayPal

Once your account has been frozen then you will receive an email stating that your PayPal account has been put on hold or has been frozen. However, you must confirm the same by checking it on your end. All you’ll to do is to login into your PayPal account and then you might see an official “Account Frozen” screen. Now, follow the instructions listed below.

At first, you’ll need to arrange the following documents to confirm your account ownership

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Proof regarding,

  • Business existence such as Utility bills, Business registration, Tax license, etc.
  • Shipping such as Tracking Numbers, etc.
  • ID Proof of person such as Drivers license, Social Security Card, Passport etc.
  • Products such as supplier’s contact details

Next, contact customer service and submit your documents to them & wait for their feedback. This can take up to 180 days.

Once they will get back to you, they’ll assist you further with what to do when your PayPal account is frozen.

Documents Needed to Get out from Paypal Account Frozen

While frozen Paypal account users need normal documents to resolve Paypal account frozen issue so find here what document need to follow –

  1. Valid Bills for justify the avail Address, here user can also show credit card billing address, Water, Gas, Electricity Billing Address.
  2. Passport and Driving License to justify Identity.
  3. Paypal required E-statement of Good Received one month
  4. Supplier’s Information ( Telephone, Email Id, Address and Fax )

How to Remove Restrictions on PayPal Account?

Get follow the process of how to remove PayPal account restrictions:

  • Open the PayPal Account and Go To the option “Mediation Center
  • Find the details of PayPal Account Restriction
  • Need to check Item and Reply and Click in the Action Column Resolution

While following steps they need to complete steps as per PayPal requirement and it’s your reasonability for cancel the account restriction. PayPal will review the account restriction changes and update you via email within 3 days if you will confirm the necessary or Unnecessary changes so account restriction will cancel automatically.

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