Online Assistance For How To Reset Your PlayStation Network Password Without Email

Guide To Reset Play Station Network Password without Using Email Address

Play Stations are love and there’s no doubt that these gaming consoles have been successfully able to make out hectic life quite simple and entertaining. However, this gaming service from Sony has become quite famous all over the world. Another thing that has made the gamers life is the Play station Network that enables the gamers to stream their favorite music and videos stream online. The Play station Network is also known as PSN that supports the PlayStation consoles and the services have also been expanded throughout the recent years across the world.

Now gamers often forget their PSN’s password and can’t reset it without knowing the email address that is linked with their account. This is the reason that they get unable to stream their game play online and enjoy the other benefits. In addition, the gamers also need to ensure their PSN account for other safety reasons. So, if you have also forgot your account’s password and its email address then here’s what you need to do reset your PlayStation network password.

Reset PSN Password without Using Email

So, basically there are two ways to reset the password of your PSN account such as follows:

  • Via directly using the PS4 console
  • Via using the official website of PlayStation in your web or mobile browser

However, both the password reset will require your email address and password but since you do not know the email of your PSN account then you will be left with only one solution i.e. to get connected with the customer support of PlayStation.

How You Can Get In Touch With The PlayStation Customer Support

Since, it’s the email account that you have forgot and not the password of your PSN account, you can use the password reset page of PlayStation on its official website. This is why, you’ll need to catch up with customer support of PlayStation and the following alternatives can help you with this:

  • Live chat
  • Toll-free Number
  • Email Support

Next, verify your identity via some security questions linked to your account. Hereafter, they’ll walk you through the password reset process with proper guidance and assistance. Hence, this was all about how to reset your PlayStation network password without email.

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