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Apple ID account contains some of the very important information of the user thus it uses a system of protection to shield itself from the unauthorized access thus they user security questions as one of the identity verification methods.

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Thus the user reset the security question to update the security questions but sometimes they don’t know the exact process of how to reset security question in apple id, they can refer to the below-given process.

The process to change the Apple ID Security Questions

The user can also ask the support team of Apple to change the security questions of a particular Apple ID, for this, the user can follow this process.

Step#1. Visit the website of Apple and navigate to the customer support web-page.

Step#2. Select the option of Forgot Security Questions.

Step#3. The user can take help from several options which are available to the user.

Apple provides many options to assist the user in the issues which are related to the Apple ID such as phone number, email and live chat. If the user is Cannot Reset Apple ID Security Questions using this method then you can refer to another method.

Alternative Way to Amend Security Questions on Apple ID Account

The user can also change the security questions of the Apple ID account by following the below-mentioned process.

  • As part of first step, the user is required to launch the website of Apple and log in to the Apple account.
  • Click on Password and Security option which is located on the left side of the Apple account’s web-page.
  • Now select Send Reset Security Info Email and get the email on the rescue email ID with the link to reset the security questions of the apple account.
  • Click on the link and reach the Apple account security web-page.
  • Select new security questions and give answers to them.
  • Click on Save option to complete the process.

A Simple way to change the Apple ID Account Security Questions

The Apple account user can use a very simple method to change the security questions, for this they need to follow this method.

  • Visit the Apple ID account page and log in to the Apple account.
  • Go to the security section and click on Edit button.
  • Now click on Change Questions option to amend the security questions.

Changing security questions in Apple ID using the iPhone

The user can also reset the security questions of Apple account by using the iPhone with this process

  • Open the settings of the iPhone and tap on iCloud.
  • Select the Apple ID and enter the password.
  • Tap Password and Security > Change Security questions.
  • Select and answer the security questions

In the end, the user is required to tap on Save for changing the security questions through iPhone, the user can also change your apple id security questions by taking assistance from the customer service of Apple.

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