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Sbcglobal Password Reset

SBC global is Southwestern Bell Telephone Company which is owned by AT&T and headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, US. The services of SBC Corporation are considered to be good and are among the well-known telephone corporations of the United States.

How To Change password

Along with various telecommunication services provided by SBC global, it serves its users with the mobile telephone and fixed telephone services. When a user is associated with the company by purchasing its services, they are offered with an email address. This email address is given by SBC global with a password. Generally, the users will get the notifications and promotional emails from the company. If the user wants, it can be availed for personal use also. This email will be free of cost till the SBC services are availed, after discontinuation; the email service will be chargeable. So, it is the user’s choice t avail it afterward or not. If a user wants to know how do I change my password on my SBC global account, they need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • The user is required to visit the Sign-in page of AT&T in the web browser just by typing in the URL.
  • Then in the next step, the user is required to click on the Sign-in option in order to log in to the SBC global email account on the AT&T official page.
  • For signing-in, the user needs to enter the email ID and password.
  • When the account is accessible, the user is required to click on the email settings option and then click on change the password.
  • In the next, user is asked to enter the current password of the email account and then OK is clicked just below that.
  • After this, the user will get the option to create a new password for the existing SBC global account of the user.
  • Once all the changes are made, the user needs to click OK and save the newly created password.
  • The user can try signing-in again by using the new password and the current email address to check if it is working or not and the account is accessible or not.

Reset Forgot Account Password

These were the steps when the user is changing the password by Signing-in to the account. In case of lost or forgotten password for SBC global account, the user can follow the steps for password reset, which are mentioned below:

  • For the forgotten password of SBC email account, recovery email address should be the option.
  • For starting the recovery process, the user needs to visit the Forgot password page of AT&T on the web browser.
  • The user is required to click on the link which will redirect the user to the next page where the email address and last name of the user is required.
  • Then, next is clicked and after that OK.
  • On the next page, the user needs to select the method of password recovery from the available option in the available drop down.
  • The user can select the option of Security questions and the correct answers for the same are required for accessing the account.
  • After that, the screen that is prompted needs to be followed to proceed with password reset procedure.
  • When it gets done, on the new page, the user is asked to create a new password for the existing email account.
  • In the next column or field, the password needs to be re-entered for the confirmation.
  • The Yes button is clicked to finally save the changes made for the new password.
  • Lastly, the user can try to log-in using this new password along with the existing email address.
  • If it works correctly, then the user can carry out the work with email but it does not give the access to the emails, in that case the user can try following the procedure again.

Other than this, if the user cannot change password, the support centre can be contacted. The executives in the Sbcglobal Email customer service provide the assistance and all the help required by the user. They use their skills and knowledge to resolve the issues of the user. They can be contacted by different ways i.e. call, web support and live chat. By availing any of the contact modes, the representatives can be reached easily. All the info for contacting them could be found on the official webpage of SBC global.

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