Online Assistance For How To Reset Facebook Password on Android?

A Quick Guide To Reset Facebook Password on Android?


As the year goes by millions of people do sign up on Facebook account to connect with their friends, family, and colleagues to share pictures, updating the status of their travelling. This social media platform has acquired a significant customer base due to its excellent features of creating a business page, video calling, and chat.

Tips: Facebook Account Recovery

Despite being such a useful media platform, it is all required to keep updating the password to prevent access of unauthorized users because the Facebook account has higher chances to be hacked. Fortunately, you are at the right place, here find How to change your Facebook password using the mobile website.

Stick With the Method To Reset Facebook Password on Android

Android App To Reset Facebook Password

  • First, locate the mobile app on the desktop.
  • Click on it and Launch the app.
  • Following the above, you will be asked to enter the login credentials like username and password.
  • Tap on the menu tab shown at the top right corner of facebook app.
  • Move down and click on the menu item settings.
  • Click on the “security and Login” as this is the first option on the account settings page.
  • To reset the password, Tap on “change password” on the next screen.
  • You will see a new screen which prompts you to enter the following details like Give old password, New password, and retype new password as shown in the field.
  • Click on change password to confirm it and save the changes.

Reset Password with the help of Facebook website

  • Launch the web browser on your device and type in the address bar.
  • Provide the facebook user credentials to log in into the account.
  • Click on the menu tab at the top right corner of facebook app.
  • Move to the settings and click on it.
  • Click on “Security and Login”.
  • Tap on change password.
  • Enter the new and old password in the field.
  • Save changes.

Reset Facebook Password via Phone number

  • Locate facebook app icon and Laucnh it.
  • Move to menu tab and move to the settings.
  • Move to the account settings.
  • Select the “security and Login” which will redirect you to new page.
  • Click on “Forgotten password” at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on change password of the account.
  • On the next screen, you will be prompt to reset the password either through Email or text message.
  • Select the option of “Text message”.
  • You will get a password reset code on the registered phone number of facebook account.
  • Enter the six digit code on the associate phone number.
  • Create a new password with a strong combination of characters and alphabates.

Contact Help Center page of Facebook to know about:-

Not everyone is having idea to configure the account of facebook, But if you have basic awareness about the process and little bit idea to set up account, it’s better to connect with the expertise of Facebook. Well Facebook live representative is quite helpful in resolving any type of issue, from that here find below a list of problems that users might face.

  • You can ask for the process to configure settings of the account
  • You can ask them to recover account.
  • For the user profile and setting.
  • Help you to activate the security features
  • Visit the Help community or by visiting Ads help Centre.

Besides, above all the points on How to change your Facebook password in the Android app, if you are looking for further assistance, you can call directly on their helpline number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. Apart from that, you can ask your friend who is already having their account on facebook to assist you.

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