Online Assistance For How To Recover XBox Live Account?

Xbox is favorite of most of the people of young generation but there are many times when we end up forgetting the password so in that case if you want to access your old Xbox account you can easily take help of in-built recovery system. Also, keep n mind that all the Xbox is tied to the windows live account through which recovery can be done easily. Follow the below steps in order to recover your Xbox account easily.

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How To Recover Xbox Live Account?

Follow the below steps in order to recover your Xbox account easily.

  • First step will be to go the Microsoft live account in your web browser. Also, you must have the access to the email account associated with the Xbox
  • Chose the option of forgot password and press next
  • Now user need to enter the email address, phone  number or skype ID associated with the account.
  • Enter the character you see on the screen to verify you are not robot. In case if you are having trouble in understanding then you can even click on new character.
  • Press on next, now Microsoft wills send you the recovery code on your provided Email address. It might take few minutes for it to reach
  • Once you received, enter the code and press next, this will redirect you to reset password page
  • Enter an conform the new password. Type the same password in both of the boxes and press next
  • A confirmation message will appear stating that you e account password had been recovered
  • There is one more way to recover the account
  • User need to click on the “guide” button on the controller and then click on Y button to log out. In case you are signed in to the account
  •  Go down to the section of “Home” tab and then press on the “Recover Gamer tag.”
  • Now type the the Windows Live ID information linked with the Xbox Live account. User will require the the email and password for the account. In case if you do not remember this information, then go  the Account Password Recovery page inside the Resources section.

These were the following ways by which user can easily recover their Xbox account, if still any information is required on How to Recover Your Xbox Account on PC, then dial the toll free number and talk to the representative, they will try to help you or user can even drop a mail on their official mailing address.

Get instant help on how to recover XBOX Live Account without Email

Xbox is one of the best video gaming brands that is created and owned by Microsoft Corporation. It is quite helpful to represent a series of video game consoles developed by Microsoft. It is important to enter the Windows LIVE ID while creating the Xbox Live account and then the users are allowed to access account settings on

How To Recover Xbox Live Account without Email?

In case you forget its email address or password, you must have to visit the website that helps you to recover your account soon. If you are facing the same trouble and want to recover your Xbox live account, you must enter the registered recovery email address and get the verification code to verify your account to recover it. If you don’t know how to recover Xbox live account without email, learn the simple methods are posted by our techies appropriately.

Following are The Ways To Recover Xbox Live Account without Email Simply:

  • At first, turn on your console to log-in to your Xbox Live account by entering the Windows live ID and password to access.
  • If you are unable to access then press the guide button showing on the same page and then scroll down to the settings.
  • Now you must select forgot password button and enter the mobile phone or enter the right answer of the security questions you have set initially.
  • A security code will be sent to your phone that is required to enter into the field and then press the next button.
  • Later on, an Xbox recovery link would be showing on the next page allows entering the new password to access at the end of the task.

If you want further help regarding Xbox Live account issue, you need to get in touch with our tech support team that is available to provide you solution at any time.

Guide To Recover Your Xbox Account With The Help Of Gamertag

Users often delete their gaming profile on their Xbox 360 devices and that can be really frustrating. With this, they can lose their game data, score, profile display photo, badges, etc. Since, all of such data is stored in their Xbox Live Online account, this might be a panicking situation to bring all the data in their gaming console.

Now, this could be possible with the use of Gamertag and that too in both online & offline ways. Plus, you’ll need to make sure that you are using the same Microsoft account for your Xbox 360 account recovery. Here’s how to recover Xbox account using Gamertag.

Methods To Recover Xbox 360 Profile Via Gamertag: Online & Offline

But first you should know that, you can turn-off the gaming console while recovering your account, and if you have a brand new Xbox device, then the system will automatically format it to ensure its compatibility with the Xbox file system.

Recovering Xbox Gamertag: Online Method

Here’s how to recover Xbox Gamertag online that is linked to your Xbox Live (online) Account. Besides, make sure that all of your devices are connected with an active internet connection while you recover the Gamertag.

First hit the Xbox button to launch the Xbox Guide Menu, then log out of your Xbox profile and then press the blue X button on the controller.

Now, select the Recover Gamer Tag option from the Create Profile Menu section and then sign into your Xbox Profile.

Net, let the profile get downloaded and then your profile and Gamertag should be now recovered.

Recovering Xbox Gamertag: Offline Method

The following steps on how to recover Xbox account using Gamertag will help you recover your profile offline. However, it is only possible if you have taken a backup of your data in a SUB before.

  • At first, plugin the backup storage device in the Xbox console and then scroll to the System Settings.
  • Next, select the Memory Unit, then select your backup storage device and then choose the Gamer Profile Folders.
  • Now, pick the profile that you wish to move, jump to the next option and then select the drive where you wish to move profile backup files.
  • Finally, let the profile files get moved and laded and then reboot your Xbox 360 console.

Moreover, if you are still unable to comprehend the aforementioned info on how to recover Xbox account using Gamertag, then contact the tech-support officials at Xbox for further assistance.

Get Complete Information about Xbox Live Account Password Reset,

Sometimes, it may happen that accidentally, you may delete your account on Xbox and wonder how to reset it. Your all the achievements, badges, and other game data may be lost with the account. In such a case, you can get all through Xbox live account reset process. Now, you have option to use Xbox through the Microsoft Outlook account. Besides, this post has brought you some information about Xbox live account password reset. So, go through the details mentioned below and enjoy flawless gaming with all of your achievements.

How to Reset Xbox Live Account Password Using Xbox Website?

  • First and foremost, you are required to visit the website of Xbox.
  • You have to sign in to your account through Microsoft.
  • Next, you should select the Profile picture over there.
  • On top of your email ID, you would see the Xbox Gamertag.
  • Further, you may select the Xbox profile link in order to manage the account. You will get to see the Xbox related content.

How to do Xbox Live Account Password Reset Using the Xbox One Console?

  • To begin with, you should press the Guide button so as to open the mini-guide on your Xbox.
  • Then go to the profile icon at the extreme right.
  • After that, you can find all the profiles available on the console.
  • You need to select the sign-in option and then, you can see all the data associated with the account.
  • When you don’t find your flight, you may choose the Sign-in option, use your Microsoft account.
  • Once you complete the sign-in procedure, you will be able to download all Gamertag content on Xbox One.

The aforementioned information would surely help you to get fix all the problems with your Xbox and you will no longer worry about Xbox live account password reset. Just in case, you still not able to use Xbox, without wasting the time, you should contact the customer service. The technical support team of Xbox will help you around the clock, they’re just one call away, reach out to the support team from anywhere across the world.

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