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What Should You Do to Restore Deleted Files in Dropbox?

If you want to recover your deleted files on Dropbox, you can use software to make the job easy and simple. You can use Restore PC Repair Tool to keep your files protected from loss, hardware failure, malware, and optimize your system to gain the maximum output. The software helps you in just 3 steps:

  • First of all, you need to download the Restore PC Repair Tool which is rated great on to restore deleted files in Dropbox.
  • Then you are required to click the Start Scan option so as to search for Windows issues that may cause problems with your PC.
  • After that, you need to click the Repair All option to rectify all the glitches with Patented Technologies.

There are times when you may select the files, you choose another file and delete it from Dropbox. But in actuality, you need that file and you’re not finding it anywhere. Even after searching for every possible place you can have it.

Also, it may happen that the deleted file has some important data or information that you need at all costs. Hence it is imperative for a tool to store the data and recover the lost files and folders.

In addition, Dropbox has a feature that can let you do so and you can restore deleted files in Dropbox once the files are gone.

Although keeping the data saved on cloud storage makes it easy to access from anywhere, you must keep the files on hardware as well. It may happen that you don’t find online access in such cases, you can retrieve your data from the hardware.

Moreover, if you are not able to restore deleted files in Dropbox and it could be a major problem for you, but if you have stored the data on Dropbox, you won’t face any trouble. So, here you would get to know about the process of restoring the deleted at Dropbox. Go through the steps mentioned below.

How Would You Recover the Deleted Dropbox Files?

  • The first thing you need to do is going to the Files.
  • Then you are required to click the Deleted Files option in the sidebar.
  • Next, you will require choosing the folder or deleted file that you want to recover.
  • After that, you need to click on the Restore option. Also, you may require waiting for a few minutes if you are trying to recover a large number of files.
  • Also, if required, you can choose multiple files at once in order to recover files by clicking the checkbox icon next to the files.

This is how you will no longer worry about how to recover deleted dropbox files. And also, there is nothing to worry about the deleted files as the Dropbox functions like a PC. You can get the deleted files from the Trash box once you delete a file from your account. In this way, you can get the deleted file from the Trash, just in case, you don’t find the file in the Trash; you can use this tool to recover the deleted file. Besides, if still, you see any kind of problem, you can contact the customer support to get help from the technical experts.

How To Sync Dropbox Files to the Computer?

Follow are the ways to store your file in the computer through Dropbox

  • Initial step to go to the official site of Dropbox and then press on download app located on the homepage. After that installer will then transferred to your device . install the Dropbox Installer then go through all essential instructions.
  • Now when user have the Dropbox sync app they will be soon able to access the folders from the sidebar located in the File Explorer-like the other folder in your device as well as One Drive. In order to ensure that everything went well user need to check if it is located there.
  • Then choose the folders which needs to sync and select the Dropbox icon on the taskbar which will be situated on the lower right corner. In case user is unable to see it, they need to click or hit the up arrow in order to see more icons.
  • After this step select the settings icon which will located on the top right-hand corner then tap on the “Preferences.” Option.
  • Below the “Account” option user will be able to view an  option known as “Selective Sync.” Press it The whole list of the Dropbox folders will now be on the screen of your device. Review the box subsequent to the ones user need and then it will get synced to your device.
  • If the user wants to access the Dropbox folders they need to open up File Explorer and they will be able to see the sidebar located on the left side.

These were the ways to sync the drop box files to the computer, if the user needs more information or wants to restore the deleted files in Dropbox then contact customer service and speak to the toll-free number and talk about the problem you are having, they will reach out to you and try to help you as soon as possible.

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