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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Restore Lost Clash Of Clans Village

Are you a gamer who loves to be on the lead and who is obsessed with their winning strategy? Then, we completely understand the frustration that you may feel when one of your Clash of Clans Village disappears. And the feeling becomes awful when actual cash is invested for the same. Thankfully, there are a few solutions that can help out the gamers to regain their lost village and retain their game progress.

Recovering the Lost Clash of Clans Villages

For the users who are looking for solutions on How To Get Back A Lost Clash Of Clans Village, they can check out the procedures provided below for the multiple devices and retain the game progress without any troubles.

1. Recovering village on iOS

Initially, launch the game app on the device and tap on the Settings,

Now, tap on the Help and Support option and select the Lost Village option.

Then, pick the options that apply to the situation and proceed.

In case, if the user is not provided with the required solution, they can use the Contact Us option.

2. Recovering village on Android

For this process open the Clash of Clans game app.

Now, tap on the games settings option and tap on the Help and support option.

Then, tap on the Lost Village option.

Further, make a selection for the reasons and wait for the response.

Thus, these are the procedures on how to recover Clash of Clans account on Android and iOS.In case, if the user fails to restore their lost village they can reach out to the support for assistance by following the quick steps discussed below.

Failed To Restore my Village because of Lost Access to Account

Well, in such situations the user is not required to worry as Supercell got its users covered. The user simply requires to send out an email to the customer service along with the listed information:

Name of the village lost

Name of the clan managing the particular village

Townhall level of the lost village

XP level of the lost village

Information on last played time and date

Description of how gamer lost the village

Further, the Supercell representatives might require additional information and will try to identify the authenticity of the information provided. If the gamer is in luck they might regain access to their village.

Thus, this is the complete information on How To Get Back A Lost Clash Of Clans Village. So, follow the provided instructions carefully and restore the game progress and become the leader of the game.

How To Connect Clash Of Clans To Your Facebook Account?

Unable to connect your Clash Of Clans to you Facebook account? Well, the problem is quite common among the COC users and, there are also many reasons due to which this happens. However, one can still connect their both gaming and social media accounts together with some simple understanding. In this guide you’ll be able to understand different way through which you can easily connect your Clash Of Clans account to your Facebook account without any issue.

Quick Methods To Connect Clash Of Clans To Facebook Account

The following methods will help you to fix the cant connect Clash of Clans to Facebook problem in both Apple & Android devices. But before that, make sure that you have connected your connected your Clash of Clans account with your respective Google ID or Apple ID and the Date & Time in your device is also correct.

Steps To Connect COC To Facebook Account: In Ios

  • First log out from your Facebook Application and login into your FB account in the Safari web browser.
  • Now move to your iOS device’s settings and then select Facebook line.
  • Here, select your account and then tap on the Delete Account option. However, this won’t delete your actual Facebook account except from the device.
  • Now, select the Remove Facebook Info option and then get access to your Facebook account once again.
  • Hereafter, launch the Clash of Clans app and then move to its Settings menu.
  • Here, select the Tap on the “Sign In with Facebook” option and then choose Done.

Steps To Connect COC To Facebook Account: In Android

  • Launch Facebook app and then scroll to the Log Out option and tap on it.
  • In your Android settings menu, navigate to the Accounts section and then pick Facebook
  • Here hit the Remove account option and then Confirm the changes.
  • Now, move to the Application Manager in the settings section and then select Facebook
  • Here, hit the Clear Data option and then move to the Clash Of Clans application in the App manager.
  • Here, clear its cache and but make sure that you have backup its data.
  • Now, restart your android device and then again open its Settings.
  • Move to the Account section and then log into your Facebook account.
  • Next open the Clash of Clans application and then scroll to its Settings menu to log into your Facebook account.

Steps To Connect COC To Facebook Account: Additional Steps

If you are still facing the cant connect Clash of Clans to Facebook problem then you can try out these steps to fix the issue.

o    First connect your mobile device to an active internet connection and then launch the Facebook application.

o    Now, fire up your laptop or PC and then move to the Clash Of Clan page via using your Facebook account.

o    Next, find the Send to Mobile button and hit to connect your Clash of Clans account with Facebook automatically.

Furthermore, make sure that you have an active internet connection while following the aforementioned solutions. Besides, you can also switch between your Wi-Fi connection and the mobile hotspot to fix the connect COC to FB account issue. However, if nothing works then you must contact the technical experts at Facebook to get proper assistance on how to connect clash of clans to Facebook issue. The experts will surely help you out with the best solutions on fixing the issue as well the reasons that might have cause it in your device.

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