How to Recover and Reset Gmail (Google Account) Password

Occasionally Google Gmail user may want to reset the password which used to login into the Gmail account via web, POP3 and IMAP as the original password has been forgotten, or misplaced. Gmail credentials integrates and bases on Google Account. So changing the password for Gmail will also change/recover the password for the associated Google Account.

In order to reset and change the password of Google/Gmail and corresponding Google Account with the affected Gmail email address, follow these steps:

  • When accessing Gmail, you will be automatically redirected to Google Account sign in page. If you’re at the Gmail introduction page, hit the SIGN IN link.
  • Enter your Gmail email address and hit Next button.
  • Click or tap on Forgot password? link.
  • Google will now present several options for verification that you’re the rightful owner of the account, in order to recover and reset the Gmail (Google Account) password. Enter the answers as accurate as you can remember. Some questions include the last password you remember using with your Google Account, information on when the Google Account was created, sign-in notification via smartphone (if you login to Google’s services on the phone), answer security questions, verification via secondary email that you still can check and etc.
  • If you manage to pass the verification, you will be prompted with option to reset your password.
  • Useful Tips How to Recover Google(Gmail) Account Password: When trying to recover the Google Account password, try to do it from the device and web browser that you usually use to access the Google Account. Doing so will help Google to identify that you’re actually the owner to the account through the traces that you left behind.

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