Online Assistance For How To Install the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Fire TV stick will give you endless entertainment through an internet connection. You need a TV with HDMI port, WIFI, and Amazon Fire TV stick and you can enjoy it for free or with by subscribing to premium.

If you want to set up your brand new Amazon Fire stick with your TV or setup old Amazon Fire stick with a new TV but don’t have a clue about how to install Amazon Fire TV stick, you will surely get the best assistance by reading this article.

Steps to set up Amazon Fire TV stick with your TV:

You need to connect the power adapter with the USB cable

Then you need to connect the other end of the USB cable into the Amazon Fire Stick

Now you need to plug in the Amazon Fire TV stick in the HDMI port in the backside of your TV

Turn on the TV and you will see it is searching for the remote; you need to press the home button on the remote of Amazon Fire Stick in order to connect the remote with the Amazon Firestick

To start the Amazon Firestick, you need to press the play/pause button on the remote

Now you need to select you the language you speak and understand by pressing up and down buttons and press ok

After selecting the language, you need to connect the WIFI with your Amazon Fire Stick

You need to select your WIFI from the available networks to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick with the internet

Enter the password of your WIFI and select Connect option through remote

If you already have an account, you need to select REGISTER otherwise; you need to select CREATE AN ACCOUNT

If you select REGISTER, you need to enter your Amazon login ID and the password and select Sign In

Now you will see the name of the account holder on the screen, you can select CONTINUE or CHANGE MY ACCOUNT for the TV you connected with the Amazon Fire Stick

If you select CONTINUE, you will get the option to save the WIFI password in the Amazon Fire Stick, you need to select YES so that, you don’t have to enter the WIFI password next time you start Amazon Fire Stick

Now it will give you the option to enable the parental control, you can select No Parental Control

Now you will get the option to Sign Up for Prime for which you need to pay the charges or you can select No thanks

How To Install Apps on Fire TV Stick?

Your Amazon Fire Stick setup is almost done. Now you need to select and install the Apps in the fire stick. If you want to know how to install Apps on the Fire TV stick, you can follow the further instructions:

Now you need to Choose Apps you want to install in your Amazon Fire Stick from various popular streaming Apps, TV channel Apps, Sports Apps, and the featured services

You can install up to 4 Apps without subscribing to Prime, you need to select DOWNLOAD button

Once you are done with this, you can start watching whatever you want using the Alexa remote of Amazon Fire Stick.

Watch Video for Setup Amazon Fire TV Stick

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