What To Do When Your Verizon Mail Is Unable To Work

Verizon Mail is one of the most widely used email accounts in the world. In recent years, Verizon has shifted its email services to other major email clients- AOL & Yahoo. However, users have been facing difficulty while adapting with new email settings but that does not mean that they cannot use their Verizon email services.  There are many ways through which they can still set up their new account settings in their AOL or Yahoo mail accounts.

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So How To Get Started?

If you are one of the Verizon email account holders and have been facing issues while using its in-mail services such as Verizon.net not receiving emails then worry not as this article will guide you with all the essential fixes. However, if you do not have an AOL or Yahoo account then you must create one in order to access your important email in your Verizon email account.

Once you have created your account on AOL or Yahoo then you will have to move further with setting up Verizon email account settings such as IMAP and SMTP. These settings let you send and receive your emails to/from other accounts. However, adding these settings may seem tricky but they are as simple as creating an email account. In addition, usually third party account also comes with an automated feature in order to prevent you from any hassle to setup your email accounts settings but sometimes you have to manually do it.

Before you get started with understanding theses settings and adding them to your AOL or yahoo account, you must keep in mind that if you have installed an application of your respective new email client i.e. AOL or Yahoo then make sure that they are updated to their latest version. Here’s how to setup Verizon’s email IMAP and SMTP settings in your AOL or Yahoo account.

Fix Verizon Email Account Unable To Receive Emails: Steps

First open up your third party email account – AOL or Yahoo

Then sign into your account via using the full email address. Do not just enter username to sign in.

Next enter the password and then sign into your account

Now you’ll need to make some modification into your POP settings To do this,  navigate to the settings section of your respective email account

Next, enter imap.aol.com in the incoming email server and use 993 as your account port number

Next, enable the SSL service and then move on to the outgoing email settings to setup SMTP settings

Here, you’ll need to enter smtp.verizon.net in the outgoing server

Next, use 465 as the account outgoing port number and then enable the SSL server here too

Now save the changes and then try sign into your account once again

Ask someone to send you a test mail on your Verizon email account and then check out if you are now able to recover that email in your new account

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If yes then congratulations as you have been successfully able to setup your new settings into your third party account. On the off chance, if you are still not receiving your emails then you must try using webmail email account. In this way, you will again use the aforementioned settings to configure your Verizon account with the Webmail account.

Furthermore, if you are still can’t access your important emails then you must contact technical support to get assistance on how to fix Verizon mail not receiving emails with the help of professional executives.

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