Online Assistance For How to Fix the PS4 Pro No Signal

 Follow this Procedure to fix PS4 Pro no signal

With the advent of the latest technology in the advanced era of the Digital Technology, Emerge of the latest PS4 Pro turn out new games for the users who already shown their keen interest for purchasing 4K TV, But a wide number of users are facing shortcomings with the latest version of the PS4 Firmware.

In the latest version of PS4 pro, In-built features of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and other specific features that enable the device to work smartly. More recently, Next Generation Sony released version 4.05 to enhance the quality or speed up the performance.  There are so many reports that users being unable to feed good performance by utilizing this smart TV. You may come across various problems with your TV in which you no longer to display a video signal, so avoid the obsolete solution available, follow this end to end approach to rectify the issue of How to Fix the PS4 Pro No Signal.

How to Fix PS4 HDMI not working

Follow these steps to fix the issue of PS4 HDMI not working:

  • As we know, signal strength requires perfect Ethernet to function properly, so turn off your PS4 device for a while and turn on again.
  • Unwrap the HDMI cable and plug-in to the port of your 4K TV, and check whether your TV catches signals or not.
  • Turn your TV on to stream up the channels.
  • As you know if you keep the device power button on hold, it will configure itself so hold the power button on your TV until it sounds beep twice.
  • Settings require to be configured as per the user manuals provided by the Sony, otherwise, it would not work effectively. So change the HDCP settings to 1.4 for getting good strength of signals.
  • Get back to the safe mode by turning on PS4 TV.
  • To expedite the process, you must change the resolution to restart your device.
  • If an image is visible to you after your PS4 restart, then Choose Yuv 420 option to get back you in a safe mode.
  • Your HDMI port should be switched to the latest HDR mode to increase the efficiency.
  • Increase the working efficiency by updating all the firmware of your 4K TV.
  • Reset the PS4 pro to its default settings to fix the issue of signals.

How do you reset a ps4 pro?

Get follow the process for reset PS4 pro in Safe Mode-

  • Turn-off your PS4 and don’t try to Set “Reset Mode
  • Wait for power button until you hear Two Beeps sound
  • Then Select the Reset Option
  • If you are not facing software issue, pick initialize PS4

What do I do if my ps4 won’t connect to my TV?

Here we provide some following steps for how to PS4 won’t connecting to my TV –

Rebook PS4 in Safe Mode

Try to connect another TV

Turn the HDMI cable

Bypass your Receiver

Inspect Your HDMI Port

Then Check now report of Firmware issues

As every user want to use the latest updated technology and here Sony PS4 serves you better with its latest inbuilt features. All the above points are designed by took into consideration the problem of the majority number of users. All the capabilities are added to increase the transparency or to fix the issue of PS4 pro no signal. If you are seeking further assistance from Sony, you may call directly to the customer support specialist of Sony regarding queries related to ps4 hdmi not working no signal. If needed, you mail your concern to the mention mail id on the website from your registered mail id that you give at the time of purchasing 4K TV.

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