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What is Paypal Security Error 10002? How to Fix It?

Paypal is one of the best online payment platforms to send and receive money in a very secure way. Users can simply enjoy multiple payment features when making transactions. But sometimes they also confront numerous technical issues when using their Paypal account and Paypal security error 10002 is one among those which occur due to multiple reasons. This error indicates that Paypal cannot verify your security header information or your API username and password.

What are the reasons for Paypal error code 10002?

In case you are getting “Payment Error 10002 – Security error- Security header is not valid” at the top- side of a payment form, then it may cause due to below any reason:

  • You have entered credentials that are not correct. You are entering the wrong credentials too many times.
  • Your account live mode is not matching with form live mode.
  • Providing an incorrect API username and password to the Paypal server.
  • Passing an incorrect value in the subject field.

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How to Solve Paypal Gateway 10002 Error?

If you are getting Security header is not a valid error, then it may cause mainly from two reasons:

Wrong Credentials: Entering the wrong credentials may also cause this error and you have to make sure that your API username, API password, and API signature are correct that you have entered. A lot of circumstances come when you entered information via copy and paste and space lefts during this process. Check the settings of the admin panel and enter all the required information manually.

Incorrect endpoint: This error may come if you send the required data to the wrong endpoint. Make sure that send the live credentials to correct live endpoint. Whenever you test the endpoint and then credentials from your sandbox test account. In case you are using any other shopping cart, make sure that your store is running a live mode.

These above-listed steps can help to know about how to solve Paypal gateway 10002 error in a very simple manner and you can very easily resolve it within a simple manner. In case you are still getting this error, then contact the customer service team for result-oriented assistance.

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