Online Assistance For How to fix Google Play Store not downloading Error 495?

Google Play Store is the only place to download various Android apps with the help of Wi-Fi or a cellular data. But sometimes a lot of technical errors occurred during the downloading and installing the app. Among those, an error 495 is mostly faced by the users when they download anything from the Google Play Store over the Wi-Fi but when try to download over cellular data, this error doesn’t appear. This error can easily fix in a very simple manner. In this article, you will learn about Google Play Store not downloading error 495 problem resolving process in a very simple manner.

Solution# 1

Clear the Caches and data in Google Play Store

  • Go to the Settings in your Android and then click on the Apps.
  • Open the All apps and then choose Google Play Store from the list of available apps.
  • Now look for Google Service Framework.
  • Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Solution# 2

Remove and re-add the Google account

  • Open the Settings and then click on the Account.
  • Choose Google and then remove the account.
  • Go to the Settings and then choose the Apps.
  • Now click on Google Play Store and clear the data and caches.
  • After that, re-add your Google account to complete the process.

After applying these above-mentioned steps, you can easily fix the error 495 problems in Google Play Store while downloading.

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