Online Assistance For How to Fix Google Hangouts Not Working?

Reasons and the solution to the problem of Google Hangout not working:

Are you the one using the start screen? Then, probably you may find that your Hangout not working. It is for the reason that Hangout requires the full-screen, Metro-style version and IE. There are many different factors that affect the quality of your video and audio calls on Google hangout.

Hangout not working:

If you are one who is experiencing the problem, then you really need to troubleshoot your internet connection, software, and the hardware setup and the Google hangout itself. We have come across different bugs that can be found in Google Hangout if Google hangout is not working.  Let us now find the reasons for that.

Reasons behind the issue:

We have seen people worrying about “Why Is My Google Hangout Not Working Properly?” coming on the reasons behind the issue, let us discuss them:

If you operate Hangouts on multiple devices, Hangouts sends notifications to everything that’s running, causing alert overload:

If your hangout is open on many desktops and on your phone simultaneously, then you will get the notification on both the devices. This is a known issue.

Google Hangouts Video calls don’t work:

It may be because of the server issue or any other thing that hangout does not initiate a video call.

Internet Issues:

If you don’t have a strong and stable internet connection, then your hangout will suffer a problem. For this, you can test your internet by running some other application or by rebooting the network hardware. You can also contact your internet provider.

Are you worried about how to fix Google hangouts not working? Let us have a look at some of the steps that can help you get out of the problem. The solution depends on what you are using.

Google Hangouts is not working on Mac

If your hangouts is not working on Mac, then the steps that can be taken are:

  • At first, you have to check the internet connection and make sure that it is working fine.
  • You have to open another page in your browser and verify whether the problem is with the browser or with hangout.
  • Resetting the router to resolve the connectivity issue in Hangout is another solution.

Google Hangout is not working on Chrome

If your hangout is not working on Chrome, then the required steps are:

  • Update Google Chrome if it is not updated.
  • Clear all the caches and cookies in your Chrome browser and disable the extension if it is enabled.
  • Sign in and sign out again.

We hope that you have now found the solution to your problem. Else, you can contact the customer care to get the clarity.

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