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Not Receiving Emails on AOL? Here is the Guide to Resolve Issue!

After Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL mail is also one such email which is preferred by maximum users from different parts of the world. With the simple user interface, interesting features and many other options, this email is the free web-based service with the active customer support team. A lot of other features can be seen with AOL mail. So, if you have an account with AOL mail then you will be more than satisfied as the email account can be professional, business or personal account.

But with lots of features, there come pros and cons for every man-made thing in this world. So, in case you are facing issues with AOL mail and finding it difficult to receive emails then there can be lots of reasons behind it. So, if you want to know ways to troubleshoot AOL mail not receiving emails problem then first know the reasons behind the issue and then the resolutions.

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Reasons behind AOL Not Receiving Emails!

Improper internet connection

Accumulation of cookies, caches and thumbnails

The device in which you are using AOL mail is affected by the virus.

Or the antivirus application that you have installed is not allowing some applications to work.

Full inbox and outbox.

And there can be many other reasons that can lead to such an issue. And to know how to resolve AOL not receiving emails you may look for the resolutions which are mentioned below.

Some Simple Ways to Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails!

To start with first check the internet connection. If it is not working properly then you can contact the service provider to get the issue fixed.

Another way is to clear all the cookies, caches and thumbnails from the settings of AOL mail.

Check if the device that you are using is affected by the virus. If yes then remove the virus which will help in boosting the performance of AOL mail and hence will start to receive emails.

And if in case any antivirus application is not allowing AOL mail to not launch then check the application and stop its mechanism.

Clear all the unwanted emails from inbox and outbox such that the mail starts to work smoothly.

One can also update AOL mail application if using it on the older version.

Hence, with the help of the above information, your issue for AOL mail not receiving emails will be resolved.

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AOL not Sending Emails with Attachments

AOL Mail is one of the most used email service providers which offers a user-friendly interface. And one can access its services without seeing any problem. But also, there are times when a user may see the problem in attaching a file on the AOL email account. Additionally, you can fix the problem by doing a few steps and all the steps are mentioned below to make it simple for you.

Steps to Fix Can’t Open Attachments in AOL Mail

Firstly, you have to check all the active extensions on your browser whether they support AOL or not.

Also, the file you are trying to attache must not include any special character or symbol.

Check if the file size must not exceed 25 MB if it is exceeding the limited size of the file, then, it will be impossible to send a file through your AOL account.

In addition, there should not be any virus, trojan, and malware associated with your AOL Gold program. The AOL

Desktop Gold or the web browser you are using must be upgraded to the latest update.

Need Help?

AOL Mail also has a dedicated branch for customer support. So, those who are still on the same page and want to get the issue resolved then you are free to contact AOL mail customer service which is 24/7 active on different platforms.

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