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Do you want to find your Netflix password, that also without resetting? However, finding a Netflix password is not possible practically because they don’t provide an option to view the account login password. Yet you can change your Netflix password since after doing so you can find out the existing one as well without resetting. Changing your Netflix password frequently is suggested to keep the account more secure. You can change the Netflix password don a browser as well as on the smartphone app. Therefore, the most reliable steps to find out your Netflix password by changing it on different platforms are explained below.

How To Change Netflix Password on Browser?

  • Open the Netflix website on your browser and enter your login credential
  • Then go to the account option from your name tab
  • Next, click on the change password tab and then enter your current password in the assigned box
  • Then, you have to type a new password in the assigned field
  • Next you can check new password by viewing it again
  • At last tap save button and provide the confirmation for all the devices to login again with new password

How To Change the Netflix Password on Android?

  • Unlock your android device and launch the Netflix app
  • Then click on Need help? tab that is available below the login button
  • Next, you will be moved to the Netflix website and see the three options to change password
  • Now if you wish to go with email option, type your registered ID first and then hit email me button
  • Then login to your email and check the email from Netflix in your inbox
  • Open the reset password link and then create a new Netflix password for your account
  • Next, if you wish to go for the Text option, then you have to enter your registered number first
  • Then tap Text me button and wait a few seconds to receive the code from Netflix
  • Now type your code in the assigned field and tap on verify button
  • Next, create a new Netflix password and save for later
  • Now if you wish to go for the voice call option, then press call me button after proving your number
  • Then Netflix will call you and give a code which you must entered in the assigned box
  • Hereafter, create a new Netflix password and save it

How to Change The Netflix Password on iOS?

  • First of all, you have to open the Netflix app on your iOS device
  • Therefore, click the Help button from the top right corner of Netflix home screen
  • Next, tap on the password recovery option, and then follow the on screen instructions

How to find out who else uses your Netflix password?

  • Login to your Netflix and go to the activity page
  • On this activity page you can view who else is using your account
  • Alternatively, you have to open My account section
  • Then open View activity link from the profile tab
  • Therefore, you can see the IP address and the location of that another person who is using your account

Now you know that how to find out your Netflix password without resetting, hence, you can perform the task whenever you wish. Apart from this, you can get in touch with the customer service team of Netflix whenever require any kind of support regarding the service-related error. The customer service team members of the Netflix are expert in proving the best assistance.

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