Online Assistance For How To Create A Playstation Network Account?

Learn The Methods To Create a PSN Account on Various Devices

Are you looking out for the information about creating the PlayStation Network account? PSN is a digital gaming distribution service where a person can create an account for free. After creating your own PlayStation network account, you get access download for all the games, TV, movies, etc. everything available in the online store. Additionally, you activate the PlayStation network and connect to any device such as TV and other PlayStation systems. At the same time, you can sign up for the PlayStation Network account via computer or the other PlayStation devices like PS4 or PS3 as well. More precise details about the procedure to create a PlayStation Network account on different devices one by one is as explained below.

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What are the Steps for Creating PlayStation Account on Computer?

If you don’t know how to create PlayStation Account on a Computer, then you are in a suitable place to learn about it. Moreover, the steps to sign up for PlayStation Network account on Computer are as below:

  • Launch a browser in your Computer and visit Sony Entertainment Network web page
  • Further move towards Create a new account section and provide all the necessary details
  • You have to provide your email ID, date of birth, location and then type a password
  • After that tap on I agree to create my account and proceed to next step
  • Now login to your email and tap the link send by Sony to verify your account
  • Then visit Sony network website again and hit continue button
  • After that tap Update Account and then select an Online ID
  • Then again tap continue and update your PlayStation network account details
  • At last, tap on Finish button once you have provided all the required PSN account details

What are the steps for creating PlayStation Account on PS4?

Moreover, if you also want to know about how to create PSN Account on a PS4 device, then collect the right details from here. Hence, you need to follow the below instructions to create a PlayStation network account on PS4:

  • Press PS button by ensuring that your PS4 console is on and controller is also activated
  • Further navigate to New user section and choose create a User tab
  • After that accept new user agreement and press next button
  • On the next screen select New to PlayStation Network option available  at the end of login section
  • Next tap on Sign Up now and then enter the required information such as email, location
  • After that create a password and then type it again on the confirm password field
  • Then press next and select an avatar for your PSN profile
  • Next create an online ID  for your PlayStation account and type your first as well as last name
  • Then again hit next and allow to fill all details automatically from your Facebook account
  • Hereafter on the next page select privacy settings for your PSN account
  • At last press Accept button  for the final set up of your PSN account

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What are the steps for creating PlayStation account on PS3?

Now the accurate details about how to create PSN Account on a PS3 are also provided here. Therefore, learn the correct procedure for creating a PlayStation Network account on PS3 from below:

  • Open the PSN from the menu of your PS3 device
  • Next move to sign up and then choose create a new account tab
  • Press continue and enter your location, language, and birth date
  • Then click continue again and accept the user agreement on the next page
  • Next provide your email, and then create a new password for your PSN account
  • After that pick an online ID for your PSN account and tap continue
  • Then on next page enter your name, gender and other asked details and press continue
  • Next provide your location and press the continue button again
  • After that login to your email and click PSN account verification link send by Sony
  • Hereafter press OK button and then proceed towards PlayStation store
  • Now enter your new PSN account login details and access the services

So now you have learned the procedure for creating a new PlayStation Network account on various devices. However, you can successfully create your PSN account as explained above, yet a few times you might encounter some trouble. In that case, you can contact the customer care department of PlayStation network for receiving further guidance towards resolving those troubles directly from a technical expert.

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