With various hacking scandal, Yahoo is trying to tighten its security. It’s been reported that more than a billion Yahoo accounts have been compromised. So, if you are Yahoo user and hasn’t updated login details yet, then you should change the yahoo password now.

Change your Yahoo Password now if you are using the same password for multiple accounts. You also require updating password if it is too short, predictable or too ordinary. Security experts advise changing Yahoo Mail password once in a while even if nothing is wrong.

How to change Yahoo Password Follow the steps

  • Step 1: Go to Yahoo account setting page from your PC or mobile browser. If you have not logged in Yahoo Mail, log in Yahoo account first.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Account security’. If you,are using a mobile browser, you need to tap on menu icon which is three small line. And tap on ‘Account security’.
  • Step 3: Re-enter your Yahoo password if it asks. Then, tap on ‘Change password’ as shown below.
  • Enter a new password and confirm new Yahoo password. Click ‘Continue’ to save the process.
  • Create a secure password which consists of more than eight characters, non-dictionary words and a mix of alphabets, numbers and special characters.
  • Step 4: Now, your Yahoo password is changed. You will reach into Yahoo account recovery alternatives. Check whether you have a current email address or mobile number as a recovery option. If not, update the recovery info.

You will see apps, sites, and services which are accessing your Yahoo profile, if you see any suspicious app or site, just remove them.

How to Change Yahoo Password Through App

You can change your Yahoo Mail password through Yahoo app also.

  • Open Yahoo Mail app from the mobile menu.
  • Go to the app menu and tap ‘Manage Accounts’
  • Tap on Account info of your Yahoo account
  • Select the Security Setting. (If you are using iPhone, the app may ask you to use touch ID with the message saying ‘Touch ID for “Yahoo Mail” unlock to proceed.’)
  • Choose Change Password. You’ll reach into password change page. Enter a new Yahoo password, confirm it and continue.

How to Change Yahoo password in Flickr app for Android

  • Open Flickr app and tap on profile icon.
  • Go to settings and tap Manage accounts
  • Select Account Info > Security Settings > Sign in
  • Tap on Change password and follow the instructions on the screen.

Remarks I Hope above the step for How to change yahoo password will help still facing to change your yahoo password you can comment below here.

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