PayPal allows name change only in certain situations. If you did not correctly set up your account, you can make small changes to correct your name, such as amending a typing error. If you’ve changed your name from marriage, divorce or by legal name change you will need to submit updated photo ID and proof of the name change. This process is managed online once logged into your PayPal account. It’s best to have scanned copy of photo ID and your name change proof before starting.

Steps to change Paypal Account Name

  1. Log into your account. Click the ‘settings’ icon, near the logout button (the icon has an image of a cog).
  2. Your name is displayed at the top, click the updated link alongside, then click ‘update name’.
  3. Next, you’re required to give a reason. There are two options:
    – Marriage, divorce, legal
    – Incorrect at sign up or minor change
  4. You’re taken to an upload screen and explained what documents are acceptable. 
    – For a change of name, you’ll need to upload photo ID AND your marriage certificate or court order.
    – Minor name changes will need updated photo ID showing the correct spelling and order of your names plus a supporting document. You can make minor character changes on the spot.

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Step To Change Paypal account Password

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. .Enter your paypal id and password
  3. .Access now your Profile.
  4. .Now go to the security menu
  5. .Now edit your password whatever you want to change
  6. .Enter your old and new password information. 
  7. .Save your changes

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