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What is the procedure for changing name on Facebook?

Do you need to change your name on Facebook and searching for the details about its procedure? Facebook is one of the most popular apps used by people worldwide for social networking. Users of Facebook are allowed to change their profile information by accessing the settings via mobile app or website both. If you are searching for details about the procedure to change the name on the Facebook app, then from below you can learn the right method.

Steps to change name on Facebook app

First of all, you have to launch the Facebook app on your mobile

  • Further you need to enter your Facebook ID and password if not already logged in
  • Next you have to select the gear icon from the bottom of the screen to open settings
  • Then from the list below settings scroll down to the account settings option
  • After that, you need to choose the general option under the account settings tab
  • Then on the top of screen your name will appear and you have to tap on the box
  • Hereafter, you can edit the name in the box then choose review change button
  • At last, you have to enter your password in the assigned section then press save changes button

Steps to change name on Facebook website

  • Launch a browser and navigate to the official Facebook website on it
  • Then you have to enter your Facebook user name and password in the login field
  • After that, from your Facebook home page navigate to the settings tab
  • Next you need to move towards the general tab from the settings
  • Then under the general account settings you need to choose your name section
  • After that, select the name box to edit and enter a name of your choice on it
  • Then you have to press review change button after name is edited for the preview of the same
  • Afterwards you require to enter your Facebook password for changing the name
  • At last, select the save changes button after providing your password in the assigned field

Therefore, the query of people about how to change name on Facebook app is appropriately answered above. In addition, the procedure for changing name through Facebook website is also explained here. Moreover, Facebook also provides complete assistance to the users regarding any assistance they require for using all the services they offer to them properly. Besides, in case of Facebook account recovery also you can get support from customer care team when unable to complete the task on your own.

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