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What are The Ways To Restore Windows 10 Operating System?

Windows 10 is quite efficient in preventing the error causing problems. Though most of the time, Windows 10 operating system fixed the issues on its own yet a few times, it requires manual intervention for performing the task to resolve system error. In all the previous versions of Windows, system restore was the function that helps in rewinding every installation in a device to the earlier stage, without affecting any saved documents. On Windows 10 this system restore function is not enabled by default, which is why a user has to set up itself. Therefore, the people who wonder how do I restore my Windows 10 operating system, all of them can collect information about the same from below.

Process to open system restore on Windows 10

  • First of all, you need to launch the search box on your Windows 10
  • Then enter system restore in the search box to locate on your device
  • Next you have to scroll down the list and choose Create a restore point
  • Then a System propertied pop up box will appear on the screen
  • After that, tap on System protection and the hit the Configure button

Process to enable system restore on Windows 10

  • Now you have to enable System restore by tapping on Turn on system protection
  • Then navigate towards Max usage slider and select percentage for using Restore points on your hard drive
  • After that press OK button and your windows will create a System Restore point automatically

Process to restore your Windows 10 device

  • Afterward, you can open the Restore point on your device by opening System properties
  • Then navigate to the System protection section and tap on System restore
  • Further, you need to follow onscreen instructions and choose required Restore point
  • After that, tap on Scan for affected programs to check what will change
  • At last click OK button for finishing System restore task on your Windows 10 device

These are the ways to fix Windows 10 problems with system restore that is disabled by default. Most of the issues that occur on the Windows 10 operating system get resolved by performing the system restore task as it allows to rewinding of the system to the previous settings. Apart from that, you can reach out to the technical agent for receiving any further assistance regarding the issues you confront while doing a system restore on your Windows 10 device. With the help of a technical agent you can identify and resolve the problem on your Windows 10 device more efficiently.

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