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Here’s How to Fix Video Processing Abandoned Issue on YouTube

Users often face issues when they try to upload their videos on YouTube. However, there are many reasons due to which this happens and it only takes a little bit understanding of such reasons to fix this. Hence read further to know how to fix the fix video processing abandoned issue on YouTube.

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Top Reasons That Might Be Responsible For Your YouTube Video Takedown

Here are the top reasons due to which you might be seeing YouTube Video Upload Processing Error in your account. Read them and also know about their fixes to get rid of the issue.

Content Claimed Issue From Other Channels

This simply means that your content has been claimed by other channel and it is being currently checked by the YouTube itself.

Copyright Claim Issues

This is the most common issue that YouTubers face. However, this usually happens when you have used copyrighted soundtrack or other content. Besides, ensure to take permission from the content source before using it.

Video Duplication

This usually happens when you have intentionally or unknowingly uploaded the same content again. To fix this, you can either remove the duplicate content or make some edits in the content to demonstrate it different. Hence, you’ll be able to avoid flag reports and fix the seeing YouTube Video Upload Processing Error.

Legal issue & Terms of Use

This is most common reason and this could occur if your content isn’t going by the YouTube terms & condition or legalities. Hence, check with the YouTube Creator Studio to know about the guidelines.

Video Length Issues

Since YouTube accepts a minimum of 15 seconds video and maximum of 15 minutes, make sure that your video size is accordingly. However, if you have a verified account then you can increase the size of it as well.

Trademark Infringement Issues

If your video includes any unauthorized or use of not permitted trademarks then it’ll be reported for trademark infringement. Hence, ensure to submit proper documents for the same.

Closed, Suspended Or Unavailable Account

There might be chances that you might be trying to login to YouTube with an account that has been ether deleted or closed. Hence, you’ll need to fill the YouTube support form and check if they can restore it. However, if you account has been suspended due to violation of YouTube guidelines then you’ll need to contact tech support for further assistance.

Use of Invalid Tags & Title

Try your best to ensure that there is no use of invalid keywords to avoid rejection. If there’s any invalid tags then remove or change them right away. Avoid using strange symbols or characters. Besides, also make sure that you don’t use an inappropriate title for your video as the chances of its rejection can increase.

Putting Invalid Description In Your Video

Since your video metadata includes the description of your video and its content. You should make sure that it is relevant and correct as per your content. However, there are times when YouTubers face unexpected issues regarding this.

Furthermore, there are many exceptions that why you may face the video upload processing error in your YouTube account. And that’s why; you can either get help from your respective creator studio app, or simply contact tech support to get assistance on how to fix processing abandoned on YouTube from professionals.

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