What are the steps that can be taken if your Hotmail is not receiving emails?

It is really very frustrating when you are sending emails but you cannot receive emails. This article is all about the troubleshooting that can be done by you if you are not able to receive emails on Hotmail. The instructions that you need to follow if you are not receiving the emails on Hotmail are explained in an elaborate way.

If Hotmail is not receiving emails, then the steps that can be taken are:

Check Hotmail server status: 

Before doing anything, check the Hotmail server status is a need of an hour. You can face this problem due to the server issue also. So, you should not overlook to check the server status. In case the server is down, we will recommend you to wait for a while. Once the server will be up, your problem of not receiving the emails will automatically resolve. But if the server is working fine, then you need to jump on the next step.

Check Email filter or block list:

Check your trash. It is the possibility that you are receiving the emails but they are directly going to the trash folder instead of your inbox. If they are going in your delete folder automatically, then you should check the filters that have been made in Hotmail/Outlook account. If you want to check for filter, you need to sign in with your Hotmail Account and then go to options. Also, check the blocked mail option in your Hotmail Account. You may have obstructed the email accounts. This might be the reason why your emails are directly going to your trash account.

Check Email forwarding setting: 

Once you have checked your trash folder, and still you are not receiving the emails, then it seems that your emails are forwarding to someone else or it can be the possibility that something is wrong with your POP or IMAP settings. This is the reason that you are not receiving the emails on your Hotmail Account. So, you need to go in the settings stop forwarding. Also, turn the POP and IMAP settings off. After doing this, you can check your emails.

These are the steps for Hotmail not sending or receiving emails. I hope you are now aware of how to fix Hotmail if not receiving the emails.

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