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Hair shampoo reviews – tresemme keratin smooth shampoo.

Super shampoo. I have quite wavy and thick hair and always after washing my hair there was a feeling of dryness and heaviness in my hair. After using this shampoo, the hair is soft, manageable and light! Very cool shampoo. I recommend.

Especially the curly girls!) Make Up special thanks for the efficiency and quick delivery!

Bring in 700ml format. ! Let’s take care of nature and don’t feel plastic!

Yulia, we are the head of our customers. Be affectionate, follow the updates to the site, as soon as the product is given to appear and information to appear.

Good, that’s true, good, for my thick, bleached hair, the soles are not shaggy and shine is gorgeous, the hair is soft, well-groomed, I will buy shampoo already 400ml.! If we compare shampoos loreal professional, which are 300 UAH. , so they are very inferior to this shampoos for 50 UAH. Draw your own conclusions, but it’s worth trying.

Julia, I’m attaching a photo.

I liked the shampoo, it foams well, does not cause allergic reactions, the hair is soft and shiny) I will take more.

I didn’t expect a wow effect, but I was mistaken, and the shampoo made me very happy. Used with conditioner, hair stays fresh longer than some popular and popular brands of shampoos.

Dries hair somewhat, after use itching and dandruff appeared.

After the second use, I started to experience terrible itching and dandruff. At first I did not understand what was the matter, for the first time this, I thought I had lice, a child could bring from school. I bought expensive lice remedies.

Then a friend looked at my head and said it was dandruff.

Yana, this could be due to your old shampoo. My sister trained as a salesman in a cosmetic store and they were told there that unscrupulous manufacturers mix something into their shampoos so that the skin gets used to it, and then, when you switch to a new shampoo, your head starts to itch terribly. So you think it’s from a new shampoo and go back to the old one.

So, sometimes it is better to endure 2 weeks.

Recently I have been using cinnamon shampoo, I am even more satisfied – I will not tighten my hair, I will not overdry it. I recommend in whom the type of hair changes.

Perfect (with conditioner) for frizzy hair. Smoothes and moisturizes. I love it) I really like the smell.

Hair vimivaє good. the shampoo is normal.

Auntie, mi radi, our shampoo is for you. Have a nice koristuvannya!

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