Online Assistance For Google Play Store not Working on iPhone and Android

Unable to responding or working of google play store on iphone & Android Mobile watch here some textual solutions

Google Play Store is the trending application launched by the Google. The store offers multiple apps of various domains which help the users to access the Smartphone in an effective manner. The features of the same are outstanding and due to the same, it is highly admired by the users.

Despite having the great features, it also undergoes breach due to multiple factors and because of that, users get an error “Google Play Store not working or responding on iphone & android”. However, the solution is simple and easy and the same are listed below.

Google Play Store not working on Android | Illustrative Solution

Google Play Store is inbuilt on the Android devices, so you don’t have to put much effort to fix the issues. You just need to perform few steps and the same are mentioned beneath.

  • Close the Google Play Store and for the open Settings from the device and tap on App. Under the same, you will find

    the list of applications, select Google Play Store and tap on Force Stop. Most of the users performed this process and fixed the


  • Move to another method, clear caches of the Google Play Store and for the same, tap on Settings and move to the App section. Now select Google Play Store and tap on Clear Cache button located at the bottom of the page and make sure to clear the Data also, located beneath the Clear Cache.
  • Quick Way, Uninstall the updates. Sometimes, the latest update does not support the device and as a result, errors encounters. So open the settings from your device and tap on Apps and select Google Play Store. Now tap on uninstall updates.

    Thereafter, restart your device. These step will fix your issues, if still persist an issue, then dial on Google Play Technical Support Number for the quick assistance. The techies will provide the best and comprehensive solution of such issue.

  • If your device’s date and time are not in proper order, then you will get this issue. So, provide the correct date and time on your iPhone and for the same, open Settings from your iPhone, scroll down the page and tap on Date and Time. Now, tap on the radio button of Automatic date and time in ON mode.

On the off chance, if still persists an issue, then dial immediately on Google play customer service number. The number is available 24*7 for the users, so you can make a call anytime to get the quick and complete solution to any issues.

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