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Offering simple tactics when Google play services has stopped abruptly

Are you receiving a message that your Google play service has stopped? Have you tried to fix it using the basic methods but you did not get success? Be calm down and follow this page to learn the basic information to come over from the worst situation easily. It is not a very serious problem and you are not alone to face this kind of the challenge before you most of us have faced the same problem and we have certainly got the solution immediately. Google play service will keep you all the apps on your device in the line and it will also help you to update and download the new apps easily. However, if it stopped working, you need to try some of the fundamental tips to get the issue fixed instantly.

How to fix the Google Play services has stopped error?

If you are really looking for the assistance to resolve your Google play store, you can try the basic troubleshooting methods like reboot your device, update your Google play store, checks out the settings of Google play store and so on. Apart from that, you can auto-update your Google play store to work fine easily. You might be facing this kind of the problem due to virus that fixes the problem simply. You can run the Antivirus to scan your mobile device and make it alert for the security issue and resolve the problem. Still if there is an error message showing and you are still getting so much panic and you are not able to resolve your problem “Google play services has stopped”, you can simply see the 3 ways to get this kind of the issue fixed appropriately as listed down.

1: Reboot your device:

  • Beforehand opens your device and press and hold down the power button on your Smartphone.
  • Booting process will show on your windows screen and then select restart button and wait while the process completes.
  • Once your device is reboot you can check the Google play store with the app is working fine or not.

If still continue you can try the next process.

2: Update Google Play services app:

  • Start on your Google play store on your Android device and press the three-line menu button on the left and select my app from the menu.
  • You can uninstall your Google play service and select the download button and click on the install button simply.
  • Press on the all update button and select the reboot process to check your Google service is working.

It is hoped now your Google service is working fine; however, if you face an error you try the next.

3: Clear cache of Google Play services app:

  • Open your device and start your Google play service app and go to the settings if not working.
  • Scroll down to find the apps menu in the settings and select the application manager.
  • Select the Google play service and go to the settings to select clear cache button and confirm your action.
  • Now head back to your home and reboot your device to make a change that you have made and fix the problem instantly.

For additional help, you can feel free to make a call at a tech support team that will provide you with immediate help in less than no time simply.

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