Fix Multi-Faceted Email Issues with Google/Gmail Live Chat Support Number

Gmail commenced in 2004; is an integral module of Google, which is said to be the powerful search engine of all times. In the first phase of its introduction in the internet world, the beta version was available for the users; in which invitation was sent to create an email account. Yet the same version is still going on with Google providing the email service free of cost, but the changes have been made in its appearance with features been upgraded to an advanced level. Google/Gmail Live Chat Support experts actively participate in helping users in vanishing all kinds of hiccup.

With 425 million users already registered with Gmail and using it to the extreme level as per their requirements, several web users fill the sign-up form on a daily basis to create a new webmail account for interacting with the known ones.

People generally look towards tech support experts to get immediate assistance for instant resolution of issues on a permanent basis. But it’s really an utter disappointment to state that no other kind of assistance is provided to users except Google or Gmail help Live chat support even after the decade to get immediate help during the hour of need. With no phone lines available to get Google mail customer support on an abrupt basis, users generally rely on chat services to deliver immediate assistance.

Technical Issues for Which Quality Support is Offered by Google Help Live Chat Support Experts

1.Sign-in problems prevailing in Gmail account really creating problems for users

•Users forget their username and password

•Not getting accessibility even after entering correct login credentials

•Problems enabling 2-step verification

2.Annoying errors crop up while Adding or Removing Inbox Categories and Tabs

•Cannot change or modify Inbox style by sorting out read and unread messages

•Problems adding or removing Inbox categories

•Users find trouble configuring

•Cannot add, hide, or remove tabs or categories in Gmail inbox

•Screen freeze up abruptly upon moving messages from one category to another

•Can’t find all messages in a specific category

•The messages listed in Inbox not labeled with the category

•The message threads seen in Inbox cannot be accessed due to server problems

3.Problems with changing or resetting Gmail Password

•Cannot change password with options available on Sign-in and security page

•Error prompts up with message “Password mismatch”

•Cannot reset Gmail password as recovery phone number or email address is not active

4.Problems with Gmail Account Creation•Cannot create an account on Gmail as Sign-up form not working

•Google account registration page not loading properly

•Unable to get desired login id even after several attempts

•My phone number is active, but code sent by Google is not received

•Recovery email address is deactivated or no more in use

•Password mismatch error

•Cannot select the correct option in Gender as I am redirected to some other page

•The drop down options while providing the date of birth not working.

There are certainly other issues faced by users for which Live Google/Gmail chat support is offered by highly-qualified experts. Though the resolution offered by experts through chat support is up to the mark, but you cannot expect instant help from their side as millions of Google mail account holders are in the queue to discuss the queries or issues with techies.

The ticket id is provided by expert upon interaction if the problem seems to be quite complex. The time period is defined by the Google/Gmail live chat help team available online at chat panel; who diagnose the reason behind the issue and escalate the same to the team of technicians; who are qualified in dealing with such problems.

In case the problem is not resolved within a defined time period, a text message through SMS is sent to the registered phone number of the Gmail user as well as at his secondary email address for prior intimation to let him/her know the specific reason behind the abrupt delay in the resolution of critical issues in their personal or official Gmail account.

If you need quality assistance on priority basis and can’t wait for the technician to take time in fixing the issue at his best then, Gmail phone support is what you can avail upon contacting third party tech support organization as their call lines are active round the clock to deliver urgent assistance when it matters to you the most.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: I Forgot My Gmail password!! What to do?

answer: Nothing to worry if you have forgotten your Gmail password. It can be easily retrieved if you have provided the recovery email address or phone number. Other than these options, answering the security questions like providing the exact month and year of Gmail sign up will actually help you in resetting the Google mail password. In case, you face any trouble, try contacting Gmail support chat team to fix any complex issues that are encountered all of the sudden during Gmail password recovery.

Question 2: I just changed Gmail password, but can’t send and receive messages!! Please help.

answer: It seems that you are using the third-party email client app to send and receive messages. Upon changing Gmail password upon accessing mail server, it is mandatory to update the password in MS Outlook or Thunderbird in which Google mail account is added. As you have not updated the same, this is the only reason sending and receiving Gmail messages is not possible from your end. Another case might be that you have not setup Gmail account properly using POP or IMAP settings. If you are facing consistent issues related to sending and receiving messages, contact Google live chat experts anytime round the clock to avail much-needed help.

Question 3: Someone has hacked my Gmail account!! How can I Retrieve it?

answer: Email account hacking has been quite prominent these days due to the loopholes in account security. Gmail is one amongst those mail servers, which is highly prone to get hacked. If you are one amongst them and have lost access to a Gmail account, the only option left is to reset hacked Gmail account password before it gets too late. You can easily reset the Gmail password through a recovery email address or phone number, whichever method feasible for you. In case you have no access to the secondary email address or registered a phone number, then avail help from Google help chat team in quick time before things get worst.

Question 4. Emails from the unknown people keep accumulating in my Inbox!! How can I get rid of unwanted mails?

Answer: It’s quite easy to unblock unwanted mails sent by the people as there are certain steps that can help you do so. Please go through the same and block unwanted email messages arriving in the Inbox.

  • • Access Gmail inbox by entering the correct login credentials
  • • Open the email message of any sender; whose messages you do not want to see in the email account anymore
  • • Block the specific person by taking your mouse to the drop down options in the right corner of the message.
  • • Press “block (name of the sender)” and confirm the settings.

Once blocked, the messages from that specific email account will not be appearing in the inbox. In case you are not able to block unwanted incoming messages, avail help from Google live chat support team in quick time and inhibit the flow of incoming message.

Question 5: I lost my contact list!! How to restore it?

Answer: Losing contact list in Gmail is getting quite common these days. If you are a victim of the same, nothing to worry as contact list can be restored easily. You just have to follow the essential steps to recover lost contact list in Gmail account. These steps are easy to implement, but it’s really important to perform the task properly. If it doesn’t seem like an easy cake walk for you, just take help from the Google customer service chat experts on an immediate basis.

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