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google chrome not saving passwords

Have you updated your software recently? It could be a big reason behind the inability of your web browser. Your web browser is not saving passwords because your account might not be syncing with Google server well. Or possibly you are connected to a poor network connection. A great way to deal with the concerned is to re-sync Google Chrome. If you reset your syncing data, you won’t lose your settings or passwords. Here is how you can reset your syncing data in your web browser. Learn how to fix Chrome not saving passwords on my Mac here.

Reset your syncing data

  • Open your web browser
  • Type in its browsing bar
  • It will open the Sync page
  • Move downwards
  • Move until you find the Reset Sync button
  • Click on it and sign back into Google

Clear the browsing information

When did you clear your cache last time? You are facing this problem may be because of an overflowing cache in your web browser. We suggest for clear your cache from time to deal with the issue; i.e., Google Chrome not saving passwords. The process is easy for you if you are using Windows. Are you a Mac user? If yes, go to the upper right corner of the Chrome homepage and click on three dots. Then you need to click on more tools and Clear browsing data.

Log out of your Chrome account

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Go to the upper right corner of the Chrome homepage
  • Click on three dots
  • It will open a window which will help you in signing out the button next to your account
  • Wait for a minute and log back in

Manage your passwords

  • Open Google Chrome home page
  • Go to the Manage passwords section
  • Navigate to the Settings icon and click on Advanced
  • Make sure that the Auto Sign-in/Save Passwords option is enabled

Reset Google Chrome settings to default

Still, Google Chrome not saving passwords? No problem! Reset Google Chrome settings to the default settings. Navigate to the Settings window and click on Advanced. Scroll down to the bottom section of the menu. Here you will see an icon as Reset. Just click on it twice and get the default settings.

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