How To Recover Forgotten Google Account Password

Forgetting your Google account password may seem like the end of the world. You not only get barred from accessing important emails on Gmail but can also get cut off from Google’s entire family of services such as AdWords, Drive, Blogger, and even your YouTube account. However, there is no call for panic. Google’s Account password recovery process is pretty straightforward and it usually takes a few simple steps and less than a few minutes to complete.

Follow these steps to recover google account password here

Visit : Google Account Recovery Page

gmail password recovery step-1

You can click here to directly go to the Google account recovery page. When at the page, enter your Gmail address and then click Next.

Step 2 : Enter the Last Google Password your remember

gmail password recovery step-2

In the following page, Google asks you to enter the last password you remember. If you remember an older password then enter it in the blank field and then click Next.

Step 3 : Send Prompt

gmail password recovery step-3

Google automatically detects your linked smartphone and asks you whether it should send a prompt to your phone to recover your Gmail password. Click on the Send Prompt button and continue the process from your smartphone.

Step 4 : Access your phone and tap on yes

gmail password recovery step-4

As soon as your smartphone receives a pop-out message that attempts to verify your identity, tap on the Yes button to continue resetting your Google account password.

Step 5: Fill New Password Now

gmail password recovery step-5

Once mobile verification is complete, you need to go back to the password recovery page. You can initiate a reset by simply entering and then confirming a brand new password. Once done, click on the Change Password button and you’re all set.

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