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Google Account Recovery an Optimum Solution to recover google account password

Are you,Forgetting your Google account password recovery may seem like the end of the world. You not only get barred from accessing important emails on Gmail but can also get cut off from Google’s entire family of services such as AdWords, Drive, Blogger, and even your YouTube account. However, there is no call for panic. Google’s Account password recovery process is pretty straightforward and it usually takes a few simple steps and less than a few minutes to complete.

Follow these steps Google Account Password Recovery here

Step 1: Visit : Google Account Recovery Page


You can click here to directly go to the Google account recovery page. When at the page, enter your Gmail address and then click Next.

Step 2 : Enter the Last Google Password your remember


In the following page, Google asks you to enter the last password you remember. If you remember an older password then enter it in the blank field and then click Next.

Step 3 : Send Prompt


Google automatically detects your linked smartphone and asks you whether it should send a prompt to your phone to recover your Gmail password. Click on the Send Prompt button and continue the process from your smartphone.

Step 4 : Access your phone and tap on yes


As soon as your smartphone receives a pop-out message that attempts to verify your identity, tap on the Yes button to continue resetting your Google account password.

Step 5: Fill New Password Now


Once mobile verification is complete, you need to go back to the Google account password recovery page. You can initiate a reset by simply entering and then confirming a brand new password. Once done, click on the Change Password button and you’re all set.

Google Account Recovery on iPhone and iPad


This website also teach you about google account recovery option on iphone and also recover your all emails on same device which have lost due to account login password forgotten.

These are the step below to recover your google account on iphone or ipad using advance and common tricks

  • Please open you safari browser on iphone/ipad
  • Type to open login page of google account
  • Now Type you email address or phone number whatever you are using in google account
  • Click on next button which will take you at Password page
  • Now click there “”Forgot Password” Option(Want to recover google account)
  • Click on forgot password it will take you are the recovery page and ask your old password
  • Please type your old using password which is not working currently to recover your account and click on next button and this will verify your identity and will allow you to reset your google password
  • Are you watching “Try different option” in blue letter you have to tap there without old password you can also recover google account using this option
  • Now next for Google account recovery by recovery email address if you have the login credential of your recovery email id enter here and Tap to SEND button and you will get and email of verification code for google account recovery
  • Now Enter your Verification code or answer the security question in text area and Tap to click on NEXT button and it will allow to you reset Google Account Password Again and if you don’t know the security question answer Tap to Try Another way button using another method such as google account recovery without phone number or google account recovery without alternate email
  • Now Above this process to recover google account on iphone or ipad will same and hope it will work
  • Still if you need help you can contact Google account recovery phone number
  • Google Account Recovery on Android Phone

    If you don’t have the access of Laptop or desktop and want to recover your google account password ,Now with the help of Android, you are totally able to Google account recovery for android phone easily here.

    Step 1: Open the Google Account Login page from your Android Phone and Click on the Need help line, which is highlighted in blue.

    Step 2: After that, you will be moved to the Google Account Recovery page,there are the 3 main options which indicate 3 frequent problems

    • I don’t know my password
    • I don’t know my username
    • I’m having other sign in problem

    You have to choose first one and you will be required to fill in your Google account address in the bar provided. Click on the Continue button as long as you have made sure to finish all these tasks.

    Step 3: You will ask to fill the CAPTCHA Fill that and move on next page and Enter your Last Remember Google Account Password click on continue button or you can skip using the I don’t know button.

    Step 4: Finally there will next option you will see How to recover Google account Password on android phone, either you can use your alternate email id or phone number to recover your google account password to receive a verification code, and put a check in the CAPCHA box to submit the process.


    Step 5: On the next screen will ask you fill the Verification Code in Text area ,Once you have done it, a new screen will appear to tell you.


    Step 6: After Completed all above steps, you will know be able to Recover your Google Account password directly your Android device.

    Conclusion : So above the Process of Google Account Recovery Really help for needy person and if someone want to know about google account recovery by phone call & google account recovery by security code they can directly contact at Google account recovery phone number

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Daen · October 19, 2018 at 5:36 pm

My account was hacked and the number for the recovery phone was changed I need help getting into my account I can verify who I am the account is and it was linked to an iPhone 6s which was thrown out of a car window by the person that stole my phone my phone number I thought I had linked to the account which would make sense because it’s my phone number is 361-945-4417 without it I’m unable to get back in my Facebook as well I am providing ID for them to try to recover that account also. Can you please help me get into my account I created the account in is either July or August of 2018 and the last location that it was primarily in was Corpus Christi Texas 78418 right before I moved out of state but that is my dad’s home there might be another number linked to the account that is my dad’s number it is 361-461-1761 also it could have another recover email of Amelia

nora hall · April 15, 2019 at 1:57 am

Hii, I need help to recover my Google Account. I lost my password and now I don’t get access to my account so kindly help me and provide all details about how to do Google account recovery. Very thankful. Thank you

Sherra Finale · April 16, 2019 at 6:12 am

Please can you help me with my Google account, I lost my phone and I do not remember my password.

Alxander Wills · April 27, 2019 at 7:32 am

My Google account couldn’t verify with your android mobile phone so let me know why my Gmail account not verify with my mobile phone, my mobile no is +1(855)-987-1554 and provide us how to recover Google account using android phone. Thanks

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