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Know about the fixes for the issue of Gmail not working in Safari

Google allows its users to access Gmail through the application as well as browser as per suitability. Gmail is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. If the user is accessing Gmail on iPhone, mostly it is browsed through Safari.

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What to do if Gmail is not Loading on Safari?

Although Gmail is known for its compatibility but there are times when an issue is faced while accessing it on Safari browser. If a user wants to know why does not Safari load Gmail, below mentioned points can be referred:

  • The user is required to check whether the Safari browser support Gmail application or not. If not, the latest version of Safari browser can be checked and downloaded for the proper working of Gmail.
  • Sometimes the extensions or applications might be responsible for the slow working of Gmail in Safari. For this, the user can try disabling the extensions and applications on by one and then check if the issue is resolved.
  • The cache and cookies of Safari might be causing the issue. So, it should be cleared on a regular basis to avoid slow or no loading of Gmail in Safari.

Fixes For Gmail not Working/Loading on Mac

If Gmail is not working at all in Safari, it could be due to various reasons. If a user wants to know how to fix Gmail not loading on Mac issue, below mentioned fixes can be tried:

  • The user can try clearing the browser history and cookies as the issue might get resolved by this. It can be done by tapping the settings of Apple device, then Safari and finally by scrolling down, history and web data is cleared.
  • The issue might get resolved by restarting the Safari app. For this, the app is simply closed and opened again. Gmail might start loading the page.
  • In most cases, the issue is resolved by restarting the device. The device is turned off and on after a few seconds.
  • The user needs to ensure that the latest and updated version of iOS is installed in the system. For this, the pending software update (if any) can be checked.
  • A user can try disabling Gmail Labs to resolve the issue. If Gmail is loading properly by disabling Gmail Labs, keep it disabled.

If the issue of Gmail not working in Safari is still there, the technical support of Google can be contacted. The support team is available 24×7, so can be reached as per convenience. The executives in the team will assist the users with the best solutions. To reach them, a passenger can use the contact info provided on the official website of Google.

Remove Gmail Account from your Mac:

In case of Gmail login not working properly so you have an option to remove Gmail account from your Mac device and again add-on, so At the point when you remove Gmail, your Google messages, contacts, schedules, and notes are likewise removed from your Mac. This information is still put away on Google’s server and accessible when you sign in to Google’s site.

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How Do I remove and re-add Gmail my Mac?

1. From the menu bar, go to Apple > System Preferences… > Internet Accounts.

2. Select your Google account from the sidebar; you may have given it a custom name.

3. Snap the Minus (–) button at the bottom of the sidebar, at that point click OK to confirm you need to remove the account.

4. Close System Preferences and use the guidelines above to restart your Mac.

5. At the point when your Mac restarts, come back to Internet Accounts.

6. Click the Plus (+) button at the bottom of the sidebar.

7. Select Google and enter your Google username and password.

8. Agree to Open Safari to confirm Google, at that point enter your login details.

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