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Gmail Login Problem(not working) is quite common among Gmail users. Every Gmail user has faced this issue at least once. Instead of running for a help immediately, why don’t you try to detect the source of this issue?

When we talk about a secure and reliable email platform, Gmail has proved themselves as the best email system in every field. They have a really easy control panel with 15 GB of free storage space. If we talk about security, Gmail is very serious about their security. So they can provide a secure email portal to their users.

No worries. Gmail Login Problems(gmail login not working) arise from a particular section of causes. Similarly, those issues have specific solutions as well. Let’s just have a look at some of the most common causes and their quick fixes.

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Maybe this is the main reason; Gmail is attracting 40% global population to use its email services. but we all know, every advantage has disadvantages as well, the same thing happens with Gmail as well, if Google server will find any kind of suspicious activities to your account. They might be locked out your account and you may have Gmail sign in or login not working problem.

Every day, there are thousands of people, who is reporting gmail sign in problem every day and ask for the solution. So today, I decided to write about Gmail login problem(gmail login not working


  • Whenever you are having Gmail sign in problem, first I will suggest you check, are you having this problem on a single device only or you are having this problem on your other devices as well.
  • Here we are going to discuss how to fix Gmail account sign in the problem on the computer. So if you have gmail login problem using your computer. You may go ahead and follow the instructions.

Fix Gmail login not working problem on smartphone

Gmail Server may be the reason behind Gmail sign in problem –

  • Usually, this is not happening, but sometimes the problem can be encounter because of Google server down.
  • So I think, you should check the server status for Gmail account and make sure Google is not down in your area. For checking the Gmail server status, you may go to is Gmail down.or contact Gmail customer service for help.
  • If the server is really down, you should not worry about anything. Just leave your computer account free. Once the server will be up, you will automatically get rid of “Can’t Sign In To Gmail Account” problem.
  • Do you know incorrect username & password may cause can’t sign into gmail account problem –

    The most common reason behind Gmail sign in problem is incorrect username and password. so you need to be sure, you are typing correct email password for your email account. somehow if you are not sure about your email account. You may go ahead and try to reset the Gmail account password.

    But before you will go ahead and recover your Gmail account. Let me tell you, you must need at least one recovery option for resetting the password.

    Browser Problem can be also the reason behind gmail sign in problem-

    Actually, this problem comes because of your web browser. If your browser is full of junk, it will cause the same problem for you. So I will suggest you optimize your browser properly. If you don’t know how to optimize it, you may follow the instructions given below.

    • Go ahead and delete the Temp files of your browser.
    • Clean the browser cache.
    • Update the web browser.

    Somehow, if it is still giving you same problem, I will say, you should go ahead and reset your browser.

    But before you will reset it, you need to take back up of your bookmarks, saved password, and other useful info.

    Internet connection problem may cause can’t sign into gmail account problem–

    When you get the connection is not a private message, after clicking on sign in button on Gmail. This problem can be related to proxy server or security settings.

    In that case, you need to disable the proxy settings, firewall, and antivirus as well. After disabling all these things, you should try to log in again. I am sure; you will be able to login to your google account again.

    Check incoming server settings-

    There are many people, who love to sign in their email via email client software instead of using the browser.

    If you are also one of them, and you are getting gmail problem on your email client software.

    This problem usually occurs because of incorrect incoming and outgoing server address, so I will suggest you check the server address and authentication mode.

    Here are the details about the incoming & outgoing gmail server:

    • Imap server address-
    • Pop3 Server address-
    • SMTP server address-

    After using above technique, I hope you will be able to sign into the google account. if you have any other problem with your gmail account you comment down below

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