Why G-suite not working and how to create G-suite account

We face trouble when we think of social media one is to create an account and another is that it doesn’t work at times. And this blog is to tell you how to solve G-suite not working issue and also how to create G-suite account.

G suite not working

  • Go to Google admin Console , there you will find a sign in option, on which you will have to click.
  • And now in the home page of Google Admin console, you should click over the user button and choose the organizational unit.
  • Then you will have to add the user for which you should click over a button + and then add the user.
  • You can also add your photo by click over your profile.
  • Now, you will be asked to add information about you such as primary email address and domain as well.
  • Future you will have to create a password as per the procedure is given. But yes the password would be of 8 characters.
  • Then you can add information like you can edit the contact details and all those.
  • Now, you have created a G-Suite account.

Obviously, you will use this account for official purpose majorly as it is not gonna be so much used in personal stuff. And in that time if it doesn’t work it really creates great stress and anxiety. You will feel as if you lost all your data. And do know the solution continue with the steps below.

Steps to create G Suite Account

  • Check your internet connection
  • Connect to a strong network
  • Make sure you have updated the app
  • And also the device must be updated
  • You should also make a few changes to the settings that are in your device go to settings and there go to G-suite app or browser, I mean like to that app where you use it.
  • And then click over the app you will find a button force stop. Click over it and then you will find the app starting from the begging and now you can use this without any issue.
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